Launched into this, balanced on the tip of my toe
Leaping through the air and falling down as snow
Bound together, by talent, by pain, by practice
Years of hardship, but now perfectly balanced

Curling downward, raising each of my arms
Controlled falling, the actor in mock alarm
But their hands to catch me, my fellow stars
Our act to play, each stanza ours

Coordinated this, not just two behind
a moment of beauty, in love they've climbed
No words, just acts, this dancing duet
The audience thinks it, but it's no Romeo and Juliet

Cavalier spinning round, six times in the air
Catching not just himself, but the eyes so fair
A light little laugh, and a pirouette turn
The fairy comes out, her call sugared yearn

Last updated: 2015-12-22

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