Note: Listen here and follow the rhythm
I might update this later with a vocaroo

Using that word again like it's some kind of insult:
check 'em.
newspeak thoughtcrime done an' now it's time to wreck them
with facts and evidence you say, but who's even listenin'?
"too lost in feels to believe what's real" you'd crack.

But a stat is just a stat
no opportunity of slack
for the trapped and the cracked:
the real human condition
a label, a word, dehumanization ain't in remission
there's a full blown cancer claiming the system

call it what you want, you'll call it how you believe it.
prejudiced eyes looking for what you're told is there
patriarchical patronization pulling plebians hair
matriarchical malaligned misandrists making men scared
pick your -ism.
turn to your -ist's.
scream 'n' shout when you're called hypocrites
based on a label there's no room to debate,


common ground between but who'll brave the whirlpooled sea
marked by mines and warheads funded by media's yellow creed
destroying our unity and drawing the lines
setting up each ethnicity to be marked for different crimes
One people. One Nation. One law of the land
Five eyes watching the power never changing hands

Can you hear it? The cultures mix and mash
Growing up poor middle but not without class
Noblesse oblige? Help those in need?
I'll be damned if I'm not the change I want to see
Never forget, we're all one humanity

Last updated: 2015-2-11

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