Lay the Path


Lay the Path

Brick by brick, life's path do we lay
toiling and troubling through ruts every day
we struggle and fight just for one simple brick
into ditches we fall, in darkness we stray

But whom can follow a road without light?
Why walk into shadow towards eternal night?
A lamp overhead which only needs just a word
accept the help, let the flame burn

With stone fired hot, clay mixes with gold
a path upwards is revealed, solid road is forged
no longer by blinded eyesight is path laid
but a firm hand guides us and always makes a way

Like parents to a child, correction is stern
Not always within our reason, hard lessons to learn
Persist! Do not worry. Get up again and again
Today's setback another reason to get closer to Him.

Last updated: 2017-09-13

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