Lion turned Mouse


Lion turned Mouse

Rattled awake by those in need
Inward focus shifted out to the streets
It wasn't nothing that called to arms
The people, the nation, those ill and in alarm

The more inequal the people the later the sequal
of what should have come nearer for those fearing their lives
from what's up next and what might never come
for the balance of power between who's alive

Say what you say and will it to be heard
but the mics been dropped and nobodies learned
Moral tacitation and the intented statesmen
can't save you from your own inebriation

Drunk off the power and losing the will
you'll give up your morals as easy game to kill
for the poachers and lobbys, the big money big house
isn't that something, a lion turned mouse.

Last updated: 2015-3-3

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