The mother and father look down at the hand
Reaching for comfort, curled, spanned
This little treasure that smiles at them
With what future fates you? Lovely baby man.

Crawling then running, laughter and play
This darling grows up with no complaints
Too young to know what it meant when they fell
Only the anger, fear, his parent's silent tells

Symbols of pride, political blustering
Boosted by hopes, joins fellow countrymen
"We're in the right", no other opinion
Ready to serve this land's holdings in

Another country, another tale
Baby wakes up, to a missing father's care
Never will they know, that gentle affection
Given before leaving, dying for protection

The example is set, this is your duty
Wake up, work, resigned to futility
The war on the step, it rears like a snake
Poisoning the wells, of any friendships you make

Death. Famine. The consequences from afar
These two boys meet, line of sight, alarm
Hoisting their weapons, each feel in the right
Serving your country, on others a blight

Last updated: 2016-2-15

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