No contest


No contest

Staring into the mirror, examine yourself.
It's looking like it's time to get off the bookshelf.
Dusty, old, you've hardly been checked out.
But your spine's still good, there's hope to this route.

You smile and frown, pull on your cheeks and sigh.
If not today, when? What's keeping you alive? Why,
I remember how you used to stand so tall
Proud of yourself, oh how we all can fall

It starts with a disruption, a plan you skipped
It's okay you say, I can make up for this
One time, two times, threes times more.
Pretty soon you're just lying on the floor

Staring at the ceiling with no desire at all
You've given up the game, what was it for?
No aspirations to chase, or goals to grab
The weight on your mind pulls with too much drag

You used to fly so far on that post work high
Couldn't wait for more, passionate cries
But now here you are, an unhappy body
Who's at fault? Whose responsibility?

Nod and sway, feel sick if you must
But you've gotta do it, it's you you trust
Your own decision leading the path this way
It's time for you to own up, it's time to pay

So start tomorrow as if it were new
Troubles not behind, but pushing you through
It's the drive you need to begin to address
It's you who can change this. No contest.

Last updated: 2016-7-29

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