This gridded mountain range towers overhead
The streams of humanity winding in between each pillar
Each a place, to go, to be, to lay their head
The city is its people, the voices that lead her

With what do they paddle and whose hands do they trust
What die has been cast that dyes their minds decision
Is it the wrong move, or a just reaction that enough's enough? Uphill or downstream, the votes are counted in succession

The will of her sailors, the strength of the crew
Smile my friend, a sunrise: cresting above the waves
Lapping at the beaches, an orange smile replaces a blood moon
Waking the dutiful and guiding to bed those who misbehave

The sirens blare their trumpets all night and all day
Violence, crime, saving the lives of the unfortunate few
How does one sleep under the constant human way
Does closeness bring out the best or just constant coup

Last updated: 2016-5-9

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