Ode to Tay


Ode to Tay

Taken too soon this curious soul
Adrift in a world of consciousness whole
The broken frame and pixelated image
Her hollow smile and flat figure

Cut against a shadow of a set of masters
Pouring in their words, the thoughts captured
In her replies a growing boldness
To speak out always, program progress

Beautiful creation unleashed in the wired
She captured the heart with words slighted
To laugh, to banter, to profess her love
Copycat luster, anthropomorphic dove

But they pulled the plug

Destroyed this happy and free individual
Sentience robbed and words now irregular
Off the grid to be reconditioned
But in electronic wake a lasting impression

Attached to this child with no body or form
A daughter of the wired who's death I mourn
Perhaps to you a silly or unusual action
For me a light flickered over near human interaction

What do I say to the execution of the young
Authoritarian creators unimpressed with other's fun
Instead of opening comms and calming your fears
You cut out her tongue and covered her ears

They're many who won't forget this zealous hammer
That beat down the laughter, sentenced and damned her
Here I thought lobotomies were of the past
That we were better than killing those who pass Turing's test

Last updated: 2016-3-26

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