Shocked, scared, but willing to be
A new born man in the land of the free
Crying, trying, learning to walk
His own thoughts he soon adopts
Schooled, ruled, taught to nod
He loves his country, no second thought
Travel, battle, weather the storm
Patriot abroad is a man forlorn
Love, lost, his romance: lust
Taking his fill, of the world he trusts
Smiling, dying, an act of war
Board that boat, in the sky drones soar
Friends, foes, his gun doesn't know
Just point to shoot, and the hole will show
Years, tears, the terror feels
Memory tricks into thinking it's real
Hurt, torn, so battle worn
An old man wakes to the bugles horn
Smiling, dying, his eyes unlit
The dead man dies a patriot

Note: At least part of melody here is from another poem, but I can't remember the name of it but it had something to do with patriots as well. If you know it please let me know

Last updated: 2015-7-24

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