Flag wailing in the wind, paint streaked up again
Marching down the street with a purpose in hand.

Yeah, they be walking on the streets with a claim.
"Treat us as people", like we're one and the same
Sex couples living together but without the right
To hold hands while doc's turning off the light
Upstairs in the halls they're tripping.
Over the legalize billshit they're always spilling,
Takes a court too long to grant the obvious
That equal rights belong to all of us
We find this self evident, that all men are created equal—
Except when they're not, the crime of the people
Too rich to care, too disconnected too
From the world they live in, when you've got that silver spoon
Trump it up to chance, to good business sense
It's the votes of the people, watered down in trance
Fed up with the fed and that elitist policy
Trickle down economics got nothing on honesty

Last updated: 2015-8-31

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