0:28 Liberation from the left and the right
between the day and the night
What views have you held
Concerned and reserved with the conversation turned
what words turn to shatter when you say nothings the matter

0:38 Will you face it yourself, with no hesitance
Will you stand back up, defiant and bent
to twist the words of a lamb who on a platter began
their life as a sacrifice to your moral action

0:48 What you leave behind is all that they'll know
when you're gone, what's left over in the after glow
of the bombs you dropped and the seeds that you sewed
What world to live in, your children, the fill ins

0:58 Look in yourself, Look at your neighbor
See their eyes, Not just some player
A person, a man, a woman, a stand
a way out the gutter if you'd just lend a hand
Care for each other, care for yourself
be a little selfish, but don't take without doubt
one for all and all for this together
don't drop your head, we all are saviors

Last updated: 2015-4-4

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