A child like a rat is drowned on the ground
Mc'e'D's arches over head got that quarter pound
That you need, feed on, lost in greed
While those war torn people starve and bleed

Gotta open those gates but check the reform
Big eye lookin' for that extremist in horde
But they slash the budget that'd give security
While raising the ceiling for that militant majority

A calculated risk, a political play
Welfare programs for all who obey
Leaving the bombed out market ruined in Douma
To meet 6000 guns, Croatia keepin' order

A crisis, epidemic, you use any term
For the 4 years of turmoil of a country burned
By it's leaders, terrorists, thousands surround it all
Drop the barrel bomb, citizens collateral

It's not hidden, censored, just given raw
The bodies piled up, like a punch to the jaw
While the people are out and living in tents
Rivers of blood flow from victims innocent

How long will it be before it reforms
This religion of peace crusading holy war
Rejection of the west, denial of progress
Good eggs soured by the raging jihadist

Last updated: 2015-9-16

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