More often the perpetrator your own same sex
Playing the victim. They'll have none of that
Rolling out the stereo, and classify the type
Push comes to shove gotta beef up the hype
Round up the men. An' tell 'em not to cry
Gotta man up man, got a country to die
For century and eon, slaughtered like cattle
Walking out to the war for the glory of the battle
Sword, blood, teeth or gun it's all the same
Dying for others protection, while they protest in your name

It's just this world we live in, upside down and wrong
Peacefully living isn't something for all
Greed and fear puts corruption in the heart
Bring out the punished, it's their shackles you've wrought
Freedom to be, harassed and subjugated
By the same damned fools who would have been elated
If you'd been born one way or from another mother
Doesn't matter now, can't transcend your color
The few blind ones telling others the way
Ignore the visual, under skin we're the same

Last updated: 2015-8-28

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