Take a dip with me over to our left
Then back again and we'll rock step
It's not too hard to get this move
When we're moving together oh so smooth

I'll take the lead and you will follow
each of our favorite moves we'll borrow
Smiling as we swivel step and sway
isn't it just grand to dance this way?

I'll admit, I've a bit of a crush
but I belt-loop to turn away my blush
When the music switches over to romance
Our eyes meet, my heart joins the dance

Isn't it lovely, just locked arm in arm
Open or closed, the position feels fun
No worries at all when our hands are together
moving through the dance hall light as a feather

Unlike our dance, always in constant motion
Fearing the worst, I hold back that emotion
Why ruin a good thing when it's not even done?
The chance of more, but risk songs going unsung

Swing back from thought, back to this moment
It's time for a spin and time to enjoy it
I'll spin you around and back to embrace
Then pause: wondering how your lips taste

Last updated: 2016-9-16

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