Back in oh-one we fired up a new era
Exploding onto the scene with the war on "terra"
An 8 minute speech, and an 8 year reign
of sanctimonious actions with none of the blame

Racking up the kills and gunning down combatants
didn't take too long before the people had had it
Rising up to the pain, and bearing arms we trained
struck back at the violence of invaders insane

An eye for an eye, a thousand kills for a kill
Suicidal bombers, running headlong were filled
with a bullet to a head or an apache instead
journalist or fighter who can tell when you're dead

Militaries morals panting bringing up the rear
when you dont ask or tell you've got nothing to fear
Lady liberty looking on while the Patriot's gone wrong
mass weapons of destruction to the constitution's swan song

Last updated: 2015-4-16

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