Is it safe to say there's nothing to do?
That all's all done and we are through
Is the silence you craved really that great
Is this what you wanted? Was it too late?

Can I keep telling myself, you're just busy, truly.
Working on me, trying to go about my duty.
Beat down the thoughts that say it's a mistake.
Fight back these words, spooned on my plate

So far away, I can't hear you at all.
I think about it often, just giving a call.
But no, that'd interrupt. It would be prying.
It's your life to live, but I can't stop trying.

Who knows why we build up these strange obsessions.
Try to hide it and seem normal, can't stand the confessions
We hammer the nail and beat the horse
We've reached an understanding, but I can't seem to change course.

Give me more time? I'm trying to just be your friend.
How do I do it without trying to mend.
What interest there was, who knows if it would return
Wait forever? Sure, gives me time to unlearn.

Last updated: 2016-5-6

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