A Disclaimer on Views expressed


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The views that I express on my website are my own, which are sometimes completely, and unintentionally misinformed. If you find yourself disagreeing with my view on something, feel free to engage in debate in the comments. Maybe you'll change my mind, or inspire a new writing that is more in line with your own views. Who knows! I try not to be stubborn and open minded about most things.

If you have a problem with facts that are referenced, or feel that some statistic mentioned isn't true or valid, then cite your own sources and let me know in comments. We'll engage in a rousting debate about credibility and sources! Then agree to agree or agree to disagree.

Please understand that when you post in the comments you are expected to know how to disagree with someone. If you don't feel like reading Paul Graham's excellent ideas on the subject then please use this chart as reference:


If you're hovering at the bottom of the triangle, your comment will be deleted because it's not constructive to an intellectual debate on whatever the subject is. Remember, while the internet is a place you can speak your mind (for now), this is my website. And if you're insulting people and being rude, then I'm kicking you out. It's as simple as that. If you want complete freedom, then I suggest you take it to an anonymous imageboard.

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