On Github's Streaks


On Github removing Streaks from their UI

My github streak was over 670 days. My goal was to get to two years, and it was a really great motivation to look into new software, try things out, and give back to the open source community where I can.

Unfortunately, I will never see my streak get to two years, because github removed the feature. This doesn't mean I'm not going to continue trying to do something everyday, and it doesn't mean I'm not going to contribute to open source. But I doubt I'll be as motivated as I was when I saw that number climbing each day. The motivation, that if I didn't do a little something today, that all my effort, all those 600+ days before, would be thrown away, was astounding in its motivation.

I traveled outside the country within the course of my streak, I flew to conferences, and traveled to visit family, and I went to funerals and weddings. Despite that, every day I commited. Now that the feature is gone, now what?

It's not all bad, the new feature talked about in github's blog post that allows private contributions to appear as anonymized contributions in the "green square chart" is really nice. I can't count the number of times after a day at work that I wished all the work I did counted towards my streak. And I suppose now it does, in a way. But I'm lacking that number, and that number was the reason for me to try to better myself code-wise everyday.

Honestly, I wish they had added the private contributions feature and kept the streaks number. And I would really like to know what their justification for removing the feature is.

Update: I was reading some discussion on ycombinator and was unsurprised to see a lot of other people using the feature in the same way I was, as a personal motivator. Unfortunately, I didn't find any well sourced justifications for the change itself, so maybe if everyone complains enough github will actually listen to its users.

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