Trying out Soylent


Trying out Soylent

Wait What?

Soylent is the brain child of this guy who made some splashes when he decided to "stop eating food". It's designed to be a meal replacement for one, two, or all of your meals as you like it. With the original intent of saving time for the busy, and making a healthy alternative to other inexpensive food, it's pretty neat. I was intrigued when I read the original blog posts and then decided to try it myself after reading this blog post about it. I figure'd that I'd keep a sort of log about it to offer my opinion to anyone else who finds this page. I'm not going to focus on the quality of writing, and this is more of a stream of consciousness than anything else:

Day 1:

Initial thoughts:

Reading all those blogs and anecdotes about it, specifically the fourhourworkweek post prepared me pretty well. I was lucky enough to get an emersion blender for free this week and so my drink is pretty smooth. I got the powder version of v1.5. The smell reminds me like flour. And the taste is like soy, but creamy like milk at the same time. I can feel a little grit texture wise, but oddly enough it doesn't linger in my mouth with any bad after taste. It goes down smoothly and my initial thought, like many others I think, is: "Huh, better than expected".

Day 2:

Only had a little bit this morning because I had to travel out of state and didn't want to lug a large pitcher with me. But the taste was still fine, still drinking the batch I made on Day 1.

Day 3:

Had another cup of soylent for dinner, had to work late (on a weekend) and so I didn't actually have Soylent for lunch like I had originally planned. I did bring a small bottle of it with me to work, but it seems that after a couple days keeping the drink from clumping becomes more difficult, and the clumps were really off putting to me. Later, at night, I put the remaining Soylent from lunch into my blender and it made it drinkable again. While at work I experimented with holding chocolate to my nose before drinking, it was interesting how much that changed the perception of the taste of soylent. Tomorrow I'll try putting strawberries into it. I also used my blender rather than an emersion blender and had better results with removing clumps. The soylent instructions say that 2 days is typically the max for a batch before it goes rancid so I'll have to make a new one tomorrow.

Day 4:

I woke up much later than I should have this morning so I didn't have any time to prepare Soylent for work. Once I did get home though I ran off to the local Co-op to buy some strawberries. I've just finished my dinner drink and dear Lord was this a good decision. The aversion I've had to the slight texture in soylent is completely gone now that I've mixed in the strawberries.

I think I'm used to the gritty feeling you get when making any blended drink with berries, so that offsets anything in my brain that was getting disturbed by the slight texture left over in the soylent (which no amount of blending seems to remove for me). For future reference (and for anyone reading this) I bought a quart of strawberries and pre-blended enough of them to fill up a 16oz cup. Then I made my soylent by pouring in half of a bag, adding a bit of water, then adding the other half and the rest of the water. After that I used my emersion blender for a bit, then shook the container before adding in the blended strawberries. Finally, I poured a cup for myself and blended that just for kicks. The result was a pretty smooth meal. The smell of the strawberries easily overpowers the soylent powdery smell and I had 0 problems drinking it. I think this is going to be how I make my soylent from now on.

Day 5:

Started today off by trying to find a better container for my drink, ended up finding an old glass jar that's about the same size as the water bottle I used yesterday. Glass = No plastic smell which is good. The consistency of the strawberry soylent is good still, not clumpy once I shake it in my jar. I packed a bit and took it to work.

Ended up drinking (should I call it eating?) my meal around 12:30 or so and it filled me up. I had to stay late in the office again though, I would have originally been home around 6, and that was right around the time when I was realy wanting some soylent. But I was in the office for another 4 hours, and my boss bought Pizza for the people working late. So sadly I had another day without being fully on Soylent like I wanted to be. Still, when I got home I had a small cup of soylent since I figure my breakfast and lunch couldn't have been more than 1000 calories and my dinner of pizza at work consisted of 4 slices of thin-style pizza that probably was at most another 1000.

Today was definitely a change from my previous mentality though. Before I was trying to figure out how I was going to mix it up to avoid clumps, today I was just thinking about how good it was with the strawberries. Tomorrow I'll bring more Soylent to work if I can find another container, it will probably another late night and I don't want to waste any of this batch like I did the previous.

Day 6:

I really need to buy another glass jar or something. Ended up using my small blender cup (16oz or so) as a second container for the Soylent I brought to work today. It was still delicious (yay strawberries!) and I was quite content having one cup a little after noon and the other one sometime around 5:30.

It was another late night at work, so I did end up eating some leftover pizza from the previous night around 8 or 9 since I couldn't make it back home to finish off the last of this Soylent batch. Unfortunately since I worked so late (past midnight) I didn't get a chance to go to the store and buy more strawberries, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make more soylent tomorrow or not!

Still, I'm impressed again. Now that I've figure'd out how to get past any clumping and making the neutral taste be something I like, I'm starting to take more stock in other things. LIke whether or not I'm hungry. So far I haven't been hungry, even when two of my meals were replaced. I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can be sure to get a full day of only Soylent.

Oh, and I think my bowels have started taking notice. I won't go into detail, but there are some differences. Nothing bad, just differences.

Day 7:

Wow has it already been a week? End of the year madness has hit me hard. But still, got an update on the soylent situation! This morning I poured what remained of my soylent into a jar and brought it to work. I had it as part of my lunch with a salad and some type of brocolli rabe.

My flatmate was kind enough to buy me strawberries, but I didn't have enough time in the morning to make a new batch of soylent to last me the day (other people are asleep when I get ready for work, so I wouldn't want to run a blender). So I'll be making that... sometime tomorrow, probably going in late to work tomorrow since we were all in the office until 12:30? 1? I don't know.

Anyway, an interesting observation today: I've noticed that I'm not hungry when I drink Soylent, but when I do get "real" food (which my boss buys because they're a nice person and helps us out when we're working late) my stomach rumbles. Not really a problem, but found it interesting. Once again, looking forward to this weekend when I get to sit at home, not do anything, and enjoy a few full days of Soylent.

Day 8:

Used the strawberries my house mate was kind of enough to buy me to make a new batch of Soylent. Even though I forgot to use my emersion blender on it it still turned out fine from just shaking it which is great. Enjoyed it at work, and then again later for dinner. I had a normal breakfast and did go out with friends to grab a drink and had a bit of pizza, so no all soylent day yet. that will be tomorrow though. Still, not having any problems with being hungry after substituing in Soylent for a meal, I guess that's all the protein in it.

Day 9:

Today was going to be my all soylent day, and I almost managed it! Breakfast and Lunch were both a cup of strawberry soylent. But then I watched the match between Germany & Italy, and met up with a friend, so I ended up having a delicious steak at a restaurant. So once again, I managed to botch up that whole idea of seeing what happens when I'm only going off Soylent.

Today there are no such matches though, and tomorrow is a holiday, not today, so I should be able to do it. We'll see if I can manage, or if I get pulled off into the world of fun activities with friends that always seem to involve food of some kind. Not that I'm really complaining. I think that a completely Soylent day would be fine, I mean, I've almost done it multiple times already having a few days last week where besides my breakfast I had just Soylent.

I haven't really felt any downgrade to my personal self due to it, despite having an intensely busy week where I was up late for work and such I still felt normal and good. Whether or not that's the Soylent kicking in with all those vitamins I don't normally get or not is another matter though. It's hard to measure that type of thing when you're usual schedule is thrown off. So next week should supply a better guage of the perceived effects.

Day 10:

So much for my plan of only having Soylent all day! Started out with being lazy and playing video games while having my breakfast cup. But since I sat around all day I wasn't that hungry. So I didn't bother with lunch, and then I went out to the movies with friends and had some candy and a soda. Afterward I had some beer and hung out with people chatting and that was it. So I suppose the only real food I had all day was the Soylent, but I didn't have a just soylent day. And tomorrow will probably be a miss too since it's a holiday.

Day 11:

No soylent at all today on account of it being a holiday and me being the grill master. Provided I wake up early tomorrow though, I'll make a batch and bring some to work for lunch.

Day 12:

That provided was the main word there. Didn't have any soylent today, but I did make a batch for tomorrow!

Day 13:

Back on the bus! Lunch and dinner today were soylent and it feels good to be back! Granted I did have friends over again today and we ended up running out at 10pm to get chinese food, but hey, still mostly Soylent today!

Day 14

Only for lunch today, I had leftover chinese from last night so I had that rather than let it slowly rot away in the fridge.

Day 15

Lunch again yesterday was Soylent. I didn't bother with dinner at all because I was busy. Tomorrow though, I'll be making a fresh batch of Soylent and will be trying to do an all day if I don't get pulled away into hanging out with friends.

Day 16

All day of Soylent! Finally, managed to get a single day of just eating/drinking soylent! Near dinner time I kind of felt like my body was satisfied, but that it wasn't filled if that makes sense. Like, I wasn't hungry, but my stomach wasn't used to not having food in it at the same time. Soylent being mostly liquid probably has something to do with this feeling I think.

It brings me to wonder if someone only had Soylent, or primarily had it as their number one source of food for all but maybe one meal per week, would it negatively impact their stomach's size or ability to process more solid foods?

Curiousity aside, I'm a little bummed it took me this long to get a full day of just soylent in. As of today I feel perfectly fine. Not tired, or unsatisfied in anyway for that matter. I don't have any bloated feelings I might get from over-eating or anything like that. I just kind of feel... normal? We'll see if what I had today adversely effects tomorrow.

Day 17

Breakfast was Soylent today, but then I ended up going out with friends for lunch, dinner was finishing off some leftovers.

Day 18

Lunch today ended up being some pizza because it was a work thing, but I finished off the last bit of my Soylent for dinner and then made a new batch of soylent for tomorrow.

Day 19

Soylent lunch today, but then for Dinner I was out playing puzzled pint so I had some regular food.

Day 20

Soylent for lunch today, but had a friend over for dinner and games so we ate some takeout.

Day 21

Soylent for lunch and dinner today!

Day 22

Soylent for lunch, I'm down to my last batch from my initial order. Luckily the timing seems to have worked out all right, so my next batch will be arriving sometime next week. In the meanwhile I'll live off of my usual supply of pizza rolls.

Also, a friend and I made somewhere around 70 gyoza dumplings last night. So I have plenty of those for eating whenever I want as well. Just because I'm partially giving up traditional food doesn't mean that I can't still cook and enjoy making things!

Day 23

Soylent for breakfast, but today was a weekend so we decided to do some grilling. Did some pretty awesome stuff on the grill, burgers made from the same filling as the gyoza turned out well. Also tried making some random frozen food stuffs on the grill wrapped in bacon and that worked too. Besides the grease fire.

Day 24

Soylent for breakfast again, then relaxed and ate some of the groceries I bought so that I could conserve my last bit of soylent for the work day tomorrow.

Day 24

Last drink of my last batch of Soylent. Luckily my order went out yesterday, so hopefully my new batch of v1.6 will be arriving soon. I had v1.5 before, so this will be a change once it arrives. I just hope it arrives soon! It's way easier to prepare a cup of soylent for lunch at work than it is to make a sandwich or something else.

Day 25

No soylent :(

Day 26

Still no soylent! I haven't experienced any slowness or things like that that I've read described, but then again, I didn't experience any Jimmy Neutron brainblast style stuff while on it anyway.

Day 27

Box of soylent arrived! I had a work function though, so I didn't actually need any for dinner. Still, I made my pitcher for tomorrow and since it's the new v1.6 I poured a small amount into a cup to try it while saving the rest for later.

My initial thoughts on v1.6 is that it's much much finer than v1.5. And this has positives and negatives. For example, with v1.5 I was initially put off by the thick taste at first, but once I started mixing strawberries in it worked well for me and I started enjoying the viscosity. With v1.6 it feels more watery, I don't know if this will change my sense of soylent to be more of a drink than a shake. It was very easy for me to substitute a meal with v1.5 because it was a solid mix between liquid and, uh, solid. I wonder if tomorrow when I have v1.6 for lunch if I'll feel just as satisfied?

Also, the release notes for v1.6 note that they've replaced the rice protein entirely with soy protein instead. So the flavor has changed a bit and the smell too. While drinking my test cup I was swirling it in my mouth for taste and could feel the fine powder. With v1.5 I felt like it mixed a bit better and disolved. This might go away with an overnight sit in the fridge though, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow lunch and dinner to really give it a go. The other thing I should probably try is drinking v1.6 without mixing any strawberries in; the taste has changed enough that I might be able to drink it without mixing something in, which would save me a little bit of money.

The smell of v1.6 is much more subdued than v1.5, oh and when I was using my emersion blender on it it was noticeably different from v1.5. With the older version I generally had clumps that would linger around still until I let the drink sit for a while and then mixed again. With v1.6 it was very smooth and I didn't see any clumping at all. I didn't look too hard before blending, but I imagine that I might be able to get away with just shaking this version. I'll have to experiment though. I'll take a picture tomorrow of my drink so I can compare it to my picture of v1.5 near the top of the log.

Day 28

Soylent for lunch! Trivia tonight kind of took over dinner and whatnot, but I had another glass of v1.6 for lunch today and am continuing to make my opinion up about it. I read some other reviews to see if anyone more eloquent had come up with a description that matched my taste, but not much luck there. The biggest thing to me still is how smooth it is; it's a massive difference from v1.5 to me.

Someone on the discourse forums for soylent said "sawdust" and I kind of see how the texture might be like that, but it definitely doesn't taste like that. I'm thinking about my v1.5 now and thinking to myself that it didn't have the same... hm... grit to it that v1.6 has. The newer soylent definitely is smoother, more liquidy, and goes down easier. But there is a noticeable grainyness to it that fits the "sawdust" description. It's been a long time since I had kool-aid made with the powder, but I wonder if it would be similar if you had added too much powder?

I definitely notice the addition of soy in the aftertaste though I saw lots of complaints about a very bitter aftertaste, to the point of some people gagging. But I don't know, maybe it's the strawberries or something but I really don't notice any aftertaste besides the briefest of a hint of soy that fades quickly. I think I'll definitely make a plain batch of Soylent next, maybe just two scoops or something instead of the whole bag. Then again, why mess with success?

Day 29

Soylent for lunch and dinner with no problems. I tried to mull my drink over in my mouth and think more about it, but I think I summed it up pretty well in yesterday's note. I think I found a little bit of the bitterness, but it's still not to the same degree that others on discourse were saying.

Day 30

Soylent for breakfast today, but that was it since I have a friend up visiting and we're planning on eating some of those dumplings I made before among other things. I let him try it and he said "not bad", which is pretty much the usual reaction. After looking at the nutritional information he also said that he thinks it'd be good for hiking.

Day 31

Still had my friend over for a while, so it wasn't until nighttime that I made my newest batch of Soylent. I forewent the strawberries this time deciding that I'd find out if v1.6 was more palatable than v1.5. I had already had dinner (need to use some milk before it went bad, so Mac & Cheese it was!), but I made the batch and tried a spoonful of the plain Soylent. Not bad, creamy as usual, and very mild. I'll have to give a more thoughtful review tomorrow when I have it for lunch.

Day 32

Lunchtime Soylent! I'm still impressed with the smoothness in case you can't tell. The color is the same cream, milky white-ish yellow that the powder is. And the smell reminds me somewhat of the smell you get when you're mixing flour and water while baking bread... but without the yeast part. I had to try really hard to smell my drink though. It's really a light smell.

The taste is exceptionally mild, it's somewhat hard to believe that it's just water and powder because of how creamy it is, it reminds me of the consistency of milk. As far as what the heck I'm tasting is, boy, I don't know. I guess I'd say it tastes like Soylent, because I'm coming up blank on what it tastes like, kinda nut-ish? Thinking back on the whole "OMG IT'S SO BITTER" thing I read on the forums, I'm not experiencing it at all. In fact, now that I think about it, the graininess is gone too. So I think that I used more water (since I wasn't using the strawberries) really helped mix in the rest of the soylent and remove the "sawdust" texture entirely.

I'm trying to remove some of the food I bought when I was waiting for my new soylent, so I had "normal" food for dinner.

Day 33

Mixed hot chocolate mix with my Soylent today. Super good idea on my part if I do say so myself. It was creamy, chocolately, and delicious. Definitely going to have to do this one again, since it's just some more powder it mixes in easily and I can keep the amount of water I've put in to make it more creamy.

I had regular soylent for my dinner, tasty. My friend who drinks 2.0 everynow and then and has compared the taste to soy milk. I've never had soy milk, so I don't know if that's a good comparison or not.

Day 34

Regular soylent for lunch again today, definitely don't have any issues or even feel like I need strawberries for this. Which is great because that's going to save me a good amount of money each week. Soylent for dinner as well, though I finished my batch today so I supplemented a bit with some pizza rolls.

Day 35

New batch of regular soylent again! I'm saving a lot of time not having to cut up and prepare the strawberries for my soylent. Hello more time to code! Yes! Nothing crazy to note for lunch, besides having a few ghost pepper tortilla chips that someone brought it. Super tasty, very spicy, a good way to round out the mild meal I had for sure.

Was a trivia night, so I had a burger for dinner there.

Day 36

Plain soylent again for lunch, but went to an event with a bunch of food trucks and had a chicken sandwich for dinner.

Day 37

Soylent for breakfast, but ended up having dumplings for lunch (I still have so many of them from when my housemate and I made them). Then we chipped in together on some food for dinner for fun. I'll do my best to have my meals be soylent tomorrow.

Day 38

Soylent for breakfast. I really didn't do much at all today so I didn't really have lunch or dinner, just kind of snacked on some peanuts and a couple leftover wings from the other day.

Day 39

Soylent for lunch and dinner. I've decided to trim my breakfast down as well, for both budget purposes and to get more soylent in so I can see if it has any positive effects.

Day 40

Trimmed out my breakfast beverage, so just had soylent today besides going to a movie. Feeling good.

Day 41

Soylent for lunch today, no drink again during breakfast so that's good. And then I played trivia with people so ended up eating out instead of having soylent for dinner.

Day 42

Breakfast sandwich again, no beverage though. Then soylent for lunch and I ate out with a friend again since we both had hard days.

Day 43

Continuing my break off of breakfast beverages, so no real breakfast today. My usual clerk noticed and got me some water instead which was sweet of them. Soylent for lunch, and then my friend owed me dinner so I didn't have soylent for that. Will probably have a couple leftover breadsticks tomorrow for dinner along with my soylent.

Day 44

Ended up going out to see Suicide Squad and had dinner before hand with friends so I only had soylent for lunch today. Also didn't get to eat my breadsticks yet either. Maybe I'll have those tomorrow sometime while trying to do a full day of soylent again. I figure if I can manage a full weekend of just Soylent then I'll treat myself to a pizza or something on Monday.

Day 45

For breakfast I finished off those leftover breadsticks, and then lunch and dinner was Soylent. So that makes another day of basically just Soylent (Would one really count 2 breadsticks as a meal? I suppose it's like toast). Tomorrow I'll try to just do straight soylent, but we'll see if that works out. I have a friend over tomorrow, so we'll see how that changes things.

Day 46

Breakfast and lunch went as planned. Just soylent. My friend did come over and we made some nacho's as a snack, so I wasn't going to count that towards my attempt at a full weekend of Soylent, but then another friend came over out of the blue and we ended up celebrating his return to the state by going out. So there it was. I was one meal away from an entirely soylent weekend. Not bad. Maybe next weekend I... oh wait, I have friends coming up I'll have to entertain, maybe the weekend after that...

Day 47

So no pizza today since I didn't make it all the way through the weekend with all soylent meals. Oh well, lunch and dinner were both soylent with no issue. I also walked around again during my lunch break at work. Gotta try to get some cardio in now that I'm not really running anymore.

Day 48

Walked again today, soylent for lunch while doing so. I ended up going out to eat though after seeing a special at a restaurant that piqued my interest.

Day 49

Pretty much the same as yesterday. Walk & soylent at lunch, then ended up going out with a friend. And I have plans for a friend visiting this weekend so that spells doom on that... also, I'm down to one bag of Soylent somehow! I'll have to order more.

Day 50

Walk & Lunch as is the routine I'm trying to get into a habit of. Played trivia with friends so ate out for dinner. Yeesh, so much eating out this week.

Day 51

Full day of Soylent!

Day 52

Ran out of soylent after having it for breakfast, gotta wait for a shipment to arrive. But, I went to a cancer charity event and ate good brisket and food there, so I suppose I'm on a vacation of sorts from soylent for now.

Day 53

No soylent, still waiting for the new package to arrive, hopefully it will come soon.

Day 54

Still waiting.

Day 55

Sigh, still waiting for my soylent. I did get a notification that it had been shipped though. So hopefully it will come soon. I do miss it, eating "real foid" is good and all, but, I want my soylent.

Day 56

All my meals were non-soylent today, but I did finally get my package in the afternoon. Which is great. I'm pretty happy to get back into Soylent and having my designated lunch food and such.

Day 57

Soylent for lunch! So happy. I really did miss it. Not in an "oh I'm addicted way" but in the "man, I could really go for some Soylent right now" kind of way. To be totally honest, it's a load off my mind trying to decide where to go for lunch and dinner. So that's nice to have relieved. I have plenty of more important things to think about than what nutrient's I'm going to shove down my throat.

Dinner was soylent as well

Day 58

No soylent today because I had made plans to meet up with a friend who's traveling with me. I dunno when I'm going to get a chance to drink the soylent I just packed.

Day 59

No soylent again, because of travel.

Day 60

No soylent today because of more travel and events.

Day 61

Back in town but too much going on to really make any soylent and I had to throw out the batch I did make a while ago because it went back.

Day 62

Phew! Back to what I need! Lunch and dinner were both soylent, which I'm thankful for because I got a lot of exercise today! Walk at lunch being part of it; but mostly dancing for just under 3 hours with a friend!

Day 63

Lunch was soylent today, with the usual walk. But dinner was fast food for funzies. Tomorrow will be more soylent though, probably for lunch and dinner because I have outing plans for Freitag

Day 64

Lunch soylent. Dinner company party.

Day 65

Lunch was a delicious bit of soylent. Finishing off this batch and clearing the way for a fresh batch come tomorrow! I say tomorrow because dinner plans have kicked in for this weekend. That and my lunch tomorrow will also probably be regular food. Lame.

Day 66

No soylent today, as expected from yesterday I ended up having 'normal' food all day.

Day 67

Made a new batch of soylent this morning. Unfortunately, work things occured and then I had no soylent at all, then a bday dinner made me not get my dinner in either as soylent. Which is sad. Tomorrow though.

Day 68

All day of soylent! Had some for breakfast because I'm going to be on the go again and need to finish this batch before the day after tomorrow. Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No issues with that, and after going all weekend with "real" food, it's a good feeling to get back into my routine and what my body wants.

Day 69

Regular day, besides having some soylent in the morning since I need to finish up this batch before I travel again. And by regular I mean, soylent lunch and dinner.

Day 70

Lunch and dinner again. Had two small, maybe 8oz cups for dinner.

Day 77

Traveling so no soylent.

Day 78

Still travelling.

Day 79

Bet you can't guess what I'm still doing...

Day 80

Still travelling.

Day 81

Travelling, but home tomorrow, so hopefully soylent will resume.

Day 82

Soylent for lunch today. And dinner. But did get some chicken wings later on because I felt my body wanted meat.

Day 83

Soylent for lunch and dinner today. Nothing else besides a little bit of candy.

Day 84

Soylent for lunch, not for dinner though because I had japanese instead.

Day 85

Made a new batch of soylent, but didn't have any today.

Day 86

Soylent! For lunch and dinner. Though I'm supplementing it with some leftovers from last night.

Day 87

Lunch and dinner soylent again, you know, besides the slice of pizza I had last night and along with my dinner today, That's basically two full days where my meals were soylent. I wonder if this will keep up this whole week, then I'll basically have done a full week of soylent. We'll see if I notice anything different from going full-soylent for an extended period of time.

Day 88

Lunch was soylent, but since this was the last of the batch and it was rainy and chill out I went and got some soup for dinner. But tomorrow will be all about plain soylent all day tomorrow!

Day 89

Woke up hungry today. I've switched off my breakfast schedule so for the past two weeks or so I've only really been having lunch and dinner around 12 and 6 respectfully. So it's interesting to me that I'm hungry right now, and the only thing I can think of is that instead of having soylent, which gives me what I need in a cup, I had that soup and sandwich... So, that's kind of interesting and motivating in it's own way. Either I should have more than what I had last night for dinner when I switch back to "normal food" for dinners, or I should just eat my soylent and not worry about being hungry.

Had soylent for lunch as usual and was pretty content with it. But had a bit of a day of work and ended up going to grab some comfort food for dinner. So not a full day of soylent as planned but that's ok. Also, my new batch of soylent arrived! Woo! Though I still have one pouch left, so that tells me I need to stop not eating my soylent so often and get back on that train!

Day 90

Treated myself to my old breakfast routine to celebrate the weekend. Lunch was soylent as the usual, but then ended up going out to the movies and grabbed dinner with friends.

Day 91

All soylent day today! Brunch & dinner.

Day 92

Soylent for the first half of the day but then grabbed a drink with a buddy and watched a sports game so had pub food.

Day 93

Soylent for lunch, had dinner out again though. Tomorrow will be all soylent though, plus I have a dentist appointment.

Day 94

All soylent day today! Yay!

Day 95

Had food provided for by work, so no soylent lunch today sadly. Then ate out with a friend as celebration of an early weekend. So no soylent. I'll have to be sure to smell my batch of soylent to make sure it's good by the time I get to it.

Day 96

Lunch from work again, but dinner is soylent today! Hurrah! Probably the last of this batch I think.

Day 97

Nearly to 100 days! Crazy. Sadly, no soylent eating today because I just ate chinese food day all day long. oops.

Day 98

Soylent for lunch today, but had some take out with a housemate later on.

Day 99

Soylent for lunch, then had fast food for lunch because a long day left me wanting some comfort food.

Day 100

Woah. A hundred days already? All day of soylent today! Just thinking back on when I started this, it's come a ways. v1.5 was ok, but I had to buy strawberries to make it drinkable for me most of the time. But v1.6 is just perfect the way it is. Although, well, I suppose if it had a little more salt that might be good. I say that simply because most of the time when I get a hankering for something after having just soylent for a while it's for salty things. Or steak. Hm. Steak.

But yeah, I haven't noticed any ill effects from converting most of my diet over to soylent. I'm satisfied with my lunch, satisfied wth my dinners. And on days where I only have soylent, I really don't get a craving for other food unless I happen to see a really good advertising or something. If anything, I'd say that the amount of protein I get now is more than before, and that combining that with increased exercise has been a big help to me. So that's good.

Day 101

All day of soylent, though I did have some Cheez-its. Going to do some fun trivia tomorrow, so I don't think I'll be having Soylent for dinner.

Day 102

Lunch was soylent, and dinner was as expected.

Day 103

Lunch was soylent, friend came back from overseas though so we grabbed dinner.

Day 104

Had a bit of soylent in the morning today, but I think it was interacting with some medicine I was having and I didn't end up finishing it. Guess I'll switch over to more solid food for the day.

Day 105

Just eating regular food today, tomorrow will be back to Soylent though.

Day 106

As anticipated, lunch and dinner of soylent today. Thing that I haven't done in a while though was go for a little over a mile run. That was before dinner, and when I sat down and had some soylent afterward. Hm! Hm! It was even better than usual.

Day 107

Lunch and dinner for soylent today

Day 107

Hm hm hm! Lunch and dinner of soylent today, though I finished off my dinner and it was a bit lower than usual so I had some pizza rolls as well.

Day 108

Soylent for lunch today, but then went out for dinner because I was meeting with friends.

Day 109

Had a starbucks breakfast sandwich for breakfast. Good stuff. Then soylent for lunch and dinner. Though I had a cookie later on in the day after visiting a friend at work.

Day 110

Soylent for breakfast, but then took a really easy day of playing video games and indulging in some snack foods for the rest of the day.

Day 111

Soylent for breakfast/brunch. Then I had some snacks while I watched a movie and then I ended up having some more snacks for dinner.

Day 112

Soylent for lunch, but had fast food for dinner.

Day 113

Soylent for both lunch and dinner and hm hm hm it was gooooooood

Day 114

Soylent for lunch but then I ended up going out to a restaurant with a friend.

Day 115

Soylent for lunch, but then played trivia and had dinner out.

Day 116

Soylent for lunch and then went out to a new pizza place my friends wanted to try.

Day 117

Ate pizza rolls today because it was my lazy day off and I figure'd I'd just eat healthy the next day.

Day 118

Unexpected brunch outing today, but had soylent for the rest of the day, except for when I had ramen for dinner.

Day 119

Soylent for lunch and then had soylent for dinner, though I also had some snacks that I bought as well.

Day 120

Had lunch provided for today, and then noticed that my soylent batch had gone a bit off so I threw it out and didn't end up having it for dinner since I like to make my batches in the morning so they last longer.

Day 121

Ended up not making a batch of soylent because I had an appointment in the morning and then ate some regular food for lunch and went out for food with friends for dinner. New batch tomorrow though for sure.

Day 122

Made a new batch of soylent and had some for lunch. Was a night out with friends though for dinner so regular food then.

Day 123

Today was soylent for lunch and for dinner. Some snacks while I watched a show though after dinner.

Day 124

A little bit of soylent for breakfast today. But I needed to get a ride from a friend to go to the store, so I offered him lunch in exchange, and ended up having normal food for lunch. Soylent was for dinner though.

Day 125

Had soylent for dinner, but had regular food and some snacks during the day. Was a sit around and do nothing but watch things kind of day.

Day 126

Didn't have time to make a batch of soylent in the morning so I ended up just having regular food for lunch then fast food for dinner.

Day 127

Soylent for lunch but then was late getting home and had plans, so I ended up not eating dinner until late and got dinner with my friend I was hanging out with.

Day 128

Soylent for lunch, and then thought about having it for dinner, but it was a rough day so I ended up going out. Man, I am doing terrible at having soylent for dinner this week! And tomorrow is my weekly outing with friends so that won't be soylent either! Ah!

Day 129

Went as expected today, soylent for lunch, out with friends for dinner. We'll try to be better tomorrow and ont go out, yeesh.

Day 130

There we go! Lunch & Dinner were soylent today. And that finished off this batch. Gotta make another one. Not sure if I'll do that tomorrow though or not because it's a holiday weekend and I'm throwing a party for it.

Day 131

Party planning and throwing today, so was out pretty much all day so I didn't make any new soylent and just had normal food.

Day 132

Spent the day with family for the most part, and then was eating some leftovers from the party. So no soylent today.

Day 133

Hadn't made a batch of soylent before going to work, so I just used some leftover pizza as lunch and dinner. Tomorrow will be soylent though.

Day 134

Made a new batch of soylent, both dinner and lunch were tasty tasty soylent. Though I did have some nacho's after dinner while watching a show.

Day 135

Soylent for lunch today, but regular food for dinner.

Day 136

Ended up having regular food for both lunch and dinner because we had lunch provided by work today and I was out for pub trivia.

Day 136

Full day of soylent! Hm hm hm good! Going to need to make a new batch tomorrow though.

Day 137

Had an extremely lazy day and just ate pizza rolls, so no soylent today. Wups.

Day 138

Another lazy day.

Day 139

Soylent for lunch and regular food for dinner.

Day 140

Had soylent for lunch and then leftovers for dinner.

Day 141

Soylent for lunch, leftovers for dinner. I may have bought too much pizza the other night...

Day 142

Last day of soylent for lunch and dinner for pizza. I'm not complaining, I love both of these things.

Day 143

Haven't made a new batch of soylent yet because the powder is back-ordered for a long time because of some issues involving people having a food intolerance to it. So I'm conserving what I have for the work week since it is the most useful for bringing lunch to work. Needless to say, no soylent today.

Day 144

No soylent today on account of it being the weekend and I'm conserving until I get my refill order in. I suppose on the bright side I'll get to try the liquid form of Soylent at a discounted price.

Day 145

Soylent for lunch and then had some fast food for dinner.

Day 146

Soylent for lunch, and then had some leftovers for dinner.

Day 147

Soylent for lunch, but went out for food with a friend for dinner.

Day 148

Lunch provided by work today, and then had my usual weekly trivia session so that was food out at dinner as well. I did get my box of liquid soylent though, so I should be diving into that and making a note of the differences tomorrow or the next day.

Day 149

Lunch from work again today, but then I did have my first bottle of liquid soylent for dinner. Man. It's different than 1.6 by a lot. I'm not sure if I like it as much though. It's very smooth, no grit or anything like that. It's the consistency of melted ice cream, and tastes sorta kinda like that too. Though not really, it's really hard to peg down the taste. I finally figure'd that v1.6 tastes like the milk after you've eaten a bowl of cheerios with it, and 2.0 (liquid) tastes kinda similar but at the same time... more like cardboard I guess? Or maybe the smell is wet cardboard? I'm going to have some more tomorrow and I'll try to figure out what it tastes like then.

Day 150

Liquid Soylent for breakfast/brunch. Went out and saw Arrival last night so I had some chinese food before hand for dinner. Anyway, back to breakfast. I'm still mulling over the flavor. It's SO much richer. Like, I normally drink my soylent pretty slowly, over the coarse of maybe 20-60 minutes most days (I work while I eat). This morning I was definitely near the top of that range, I didn't keep specific track of time, but it took me a long time to finish and all I was doing was reading a book.

Definitely easier to drink than yesterday, I'm still getting used to the flavor though. It's more... it's more cardboard-y than the powder version, but at the same time it's way more creamy and reminds me of ice-cream / wet paper. I don't know if that duel taste can make much sense to anyone who hasn't tasted this before though. Like I said before, powder is like cheerio milk, but liquid is like... well, it's so exceptionally bland and non-tasting that I'm wondering if my mouth is just making things up at this point.

Day 151

Met a friend for lunch today so I only had soylent for a sort of mid-day half lunch half dinner thing. Tomorrow I'll probably do a full day of liquid unless I get irritated and require comfort food.

Day 152

Soylent for lunch and fast food for dinner.

Day 153

Soylent for lunch and for dinner. Hm hm good

Day 154

Soylent for lunch, was going to have it for dinner but then I was supposed to go play trivia with people so I had a quick hot pocket instead, but then because the trivia place was so full we didn't end up actually playing and whatnot, so I came home and wasn't hungry enough for a full meal of soylent, so I just had another hot pocket.

Day 155

Thanksgiving! No soylent today because I was cooking up a tasty meal instead. Tomorrow and the next day I might be eating leftovers, probably.

Day 156

No soylent again because leftovers.

Day 157

Was hanging out with visiting friends today, and had a thanksgiving meal with them so no soylent again. Tomorrow my friends are leaving though, so I'll be back to drinking soylent then and probably be finishing off what leftovers I have then as well.

Day 158

Soylent for breakfast, then finish off the leftovers I had.

Day 159

Soylent for lunch and dinner, had a bagel at work for breakfast though so not quite a full day of soylent sadly. Pretty close though. I am enjoying the convenience of not having to mix and shake my drink I suppose. But I think I do prefer the taste of v1.6 to v2.0

Day 160

Soylent for lunch and dinner today, with no bagels in the morning. So it was a full day of liquid soylent!

Day 161

Soylent for lunch, but then had some olive garden for dinner.

Day 162

Soylent for lunch. Did trivia tonight though, so bar food it was for that.

Day 163

Soylent for lunch as is the usual, but then ordered pizza for dinner because I forgot to put some bottles in the fridge.

Day 164

Ate leftover pizza today!

Day 165

Leftover pizza, and more pizza. Ugh.

Day 166

Soylent for lunch, asian food for dinner.

Day 167

Soylent for lunch, ended up eating food out after dancing a bit.

Day 168

Soylent for lunch then had some comfort food for dinner.

Day 169

Soylent for lunch, but then it was trivia night so pub food for dinner.

Day 170

Lunch is soylent! (Sensing a theme?) and I had a holiday party so little things and whatnot for dinner.

Day 171

Had brunch with some friends and then spent the whole day baking cookies so I didn't have any soylent today.

Day 172

No soylent today, mainly just had leftover pizza.

Day 173

Spent the day doing errands and appointments, so only grabbed a little food when I was out so no soylent today either :(

Day 174

Soylent for lunch and for dinner yum! One of my few liquid all days.

Day 175

No soylent today because lunch was provided and I ended up going out to eat randomly for dinner. But in other news I'm going to be getting v1.7 powder soon! Which is super exciting.

Day 176

Soylent for lunch, but then a company dinner happened so I only had the one meal.

Day 177

Soylent for lunch, but then I forgot to put soylent in the fridge this morning, so I just ate snacks for dinner. Hmmm cheezits!

Day 178

No soylent today since I was once again, forgetful on the whole cool the bottle thing. But I had more holiday parties to go to anyway.

Day 179

Again no soylent, but that's mainly because I was out and about running errands in the morning and then grabbed some chinese food before going to a going away/birthday party.

Day 180

No soylent today because I had to again, run errands and then ended up eating leftover chinese food for dinner.

Day 181

Soylent for lunch today! A friend wanted to go out for dinner though, so I ended up going with them.

Day 182

Soylent for lunch today, but then I finished off the rest of my leftover chinese food.

Day 183

No soylent today because of traveling for the holiday. For the next week or so I'll be without soylent sadly.

Day 184

No soylent today as expected. Since I'm on holiday.

Day 185

No soylent today as expected. Still I'm on holiday.

Day 186

Another day of no soylent. Lots of normal and very tasty food though.

day 186

No soylent again today. Really good food otherwise though.

Day 187

No soylent again.

Day 188

No soylent today either! Soon though, once I'm back home.

Day 189

No soylent today, but I'm traveling back home today, so tomorrow I'll have some soylent.

Day 190

Back home! Day off today and a lunch of soylent! Hm hm hm! I didn't bother having dinner because I wasn't hungry though.

Day 191

Would have had soylent, but ended up ducking out of work early to meet up with a friend to have lunch with them. Then had dinner with an out of state friend. So no soylent.

Day 192

Soylent for lunch today! Then had some quick food for dinner. Tomorrow's new years eve! So I don't know how much soylent I'll have since people will be around and we might eat out.

Day 193

Soylent for lunch. Then went out with friends for food for new years and whatnot.

Day 194

Day after new years. Soylent for lunch, then had some leftovers and then salad for dinner.

Day 195

Had today off, which was nice. Ended up drinking soylent for lunch anyway but had leftovers for dinner.

Day 196

Soylent for lunch, but played pub trivia at night so I had that for dinner. Tasty ramen.

Day 197

Soylent for lunch. And then for dinner as well, though I did go for a walk later on and grab a litle sandwich from a corner store.

Day 198

Soylent for lunch. Then trivia so I had pub food for dinner.

Day 199

Soylent for lunch, was going to have it for dinner, but then ended up going out on the town with a friend.

Day 200

No soylent today, recovering from last night with dominoes

Day 201

Another day without soylent, finishing off leftovers for my meals. Tomorrow though.

Day 202

Soylent for lunch today. Got a call from a friend in the morning and ended up making dinner plans though, so not a full day.

Day 203

Soylent for lunch. Ordered out for dinner though, felt like having salad.

Day 204

Had a normal brunch, but then soylent for dinner. Man did I want asian though, housemate ordered some and it smelled so good!

Day 205

Soylent for lunch, then went out for trivia.

Day 206

Soylent for lunch, then ended up going to the grocery store (for the first time in ages) with a friend and picked up some stuff to make a damn good stir fry. Jasmine rice with broccoli and bell peppers, grilled onions and beef strips. Hm. Hm. Even though I somewhat gave up "real" food, I still enjoy cooking and make pretty good food when I do too! Feel like the mellowness of soylent gives me an appreciation for other food too.

Day 207

No soylent today despite it being a weekend. Mainly because I got tea and a bagel in the morning with a friend. Then ended up going out to eat at night.

Day 208

No soylent again today, finished off leftovers for lunch, then ended up going to see a movie at night so I had some nachos there.

Day 209

Soylent for lunch, went to play monopoly and jackbox with a friend and got some quick food for dinner though.

Day 210

Had soylent for lunch today, then had a tasty sandwich for dinner.

Day 211

Soylent for lunch today, but then on the way home ended up stopping for fast food and tried out the new Grand Mac.

Day 212

Soylent for lunch, but then I went to a screening of a new show from the local PBS and ate out with a friend.

Day 213

Soylent for lunch, pizza for dinner and an adventure around town after that.

Day 214

Didn't have any soylent today on account of eating left overs and grabbing dinner out and about with a friend. I've really gotta get back into the habit I think.

Day 215

Finished off the left overs of some soylent today, then had ramen for lunch and after going for a couple hours walk.

Day 216

Soylent for lunch, but had dominoes for dinner. Hmm. Wings.

Day 217

Didn't end up eating lunch today for reasons, then had a night out for food. Sadly I had no soylent today, even sadder was how crappy my meal was from the place I went to for dinner.

Day 218

Soylent for lunch, and then had pizza rolls for dinner.

Day 219

Soylent for lunch, and then went out for pub trivia and had dinner on the town.

Day 220

Soylent for lunch and steak for dinner.

Day 221

No soylent today.

Day 222

Soylent for lunch today, and dinner was pizza and I'll have that for leftovers during this week.

Day 223

Soylent for lunch today, but it was a McMonday for dinner.

Day 224

Soylent for lunch today, and then had leftover pizza for dinner.

Day 225

Soylent for lunch today, and then had leftover pizza for dinner.

Day 226

Soylent for lunch today, then had pub food for trivia dinner.

Day 227

Soylent for lunch, then ate out for dinner and had ramen.

Day 228

No soylent today, I've got family visiting.

Day 229

Day 2 of family, again no soylent.

Day 230

Full day of soylent today! Been a while since I had one of those. Full, no issues being hungry or anything like that. So despite feeling like it's been forever since I've done that, not too much has changed.

Day 231

Another full day of soylent, though my friend called me up around midnight wanting to go get some food so I did go on an adventure and eat some fries.

Day 232

Full day of soylent again.

Day 233

Lunch was soylent, then I played trivia so I had a nice meal of taco salad and wings! Hm Hm hmm!

Day 234

Lunch was soylent today, but had a rice bowl for dinner after a failed attempt to go to taco bell failed. Which is too bad because they have a new menu item I really want to try.

Day 235

Didn't really eat that much today because I didn't really move. Had soylent for dinner, and then a pretzel and drink at the movies.

Day 236

Soylent for lunch, and then had some regular pizza for dinner. Realized that I'm down to 4 bottles left and then I'll have to switch back over to powder unless my shipment arrives soon.

Day 237

Soylent for lunch and then a valentines day trivia night had me eating pub food while playing trivia.

Day 238

Soylent for lunch, had panera for dinner though.

Day 239

Soylent for lunch, then had trivia bar food for dinner.

Day 240

Soylent for dinner, was treated to pizza at work for lunch since we had a special guest.

Day 241

Didn't eat today by accident. Unless you count popcorn at the movies.

Day 242

No soylent again, trying to conserve since I only have a couple bottles left. Ate brunch with friends and that was enough that I didn't get hungry again for the re st of the day.

Day 243

Soylent for lunch, but panera again for dinner because I need to conserve my soylent since I only have one bottle left.

Day 244

Soylent for lunch (last bottle). And went out to eat a local pub for dinner. My new batch of soylent arrived, but I was hungry and didn't want to eat it warm.

Day 245

Soylent for lunch today, but had some ramen for dinner because I haven't had it in forever.

Day 246

Was going to have soylent for lunch, but it turned out that we got a free lunch at work today so I had that instead. Then I went to trivia so I had a Quesadilla for dinner.

Day 247

No soylent again today because of wirk food and then traveling with my dad.

Day 248

No soylent since I'm traveling and in another state

Day 249

No soylent today because I was still traveling.

Day 250

Soylent for lunch today, but had leftovers for dinner.

Day 251

Soylent for lunch today, augmented with some chicken wings. And then I have a guest over so we ate dinner out.

Day 252

Soylent for lunch today, and dinner was regular food.

Day 253

Soylent for lunch, and then went out to trivia but the kitchen was closed. So no bar food, but my friends who came brought some other good stuff that we all ate together.

Day 255

Soylent for lunch today, and then had regular food for dinner with some friends.

Day 256

No soylent today since I was hanging out with friends who are visiting

Day 257

No soylent today since again, with friends.

Day 258

Soylent for lunch today, but had chinese food for dinner.

Day 259

Soylent for lunch, then had some leftovers for dinner.

Day 260

Soylent for lunch, and it was special trivia tonight so I had a really tasty brisket for dinner. Tomorrow will be trivia again so probably just one soylent.

Day 261

Soylent for lunch, trivia food for dinner as expected.

Day 262

Full day of soylent!

Day 263

No soylent today. Just ate some pizza and wings.

Day 264

No soylent again, got breakfast with a friend before finishing off the leftovers from yesterday.

Day 265

Soylent for lunch today and for dinner, but had a couple rice balls as well.

Day 266

Rice balls for lunch today, then had soylent for dinner.

Day 267

Soylent for lunch today, but ended up having takeout for dinner.

Day 268

Soylent for lunch today, had some food out at trivia for dinner though.

Day 269

Soylent for lunch, but then was invited out to an asian place and had Bi Bam Bop for the first time. It was ok, to be honest I think I should have just gone with my staple of sukiyaki, but trying something new is good for you.

Day 270

Today was another one of those days where I didn't bother to eat until dinnertime because I wasn't hungry. This seems to happen frequently on Saturdays. I wonder if I should just start fasting on Saturdays for the fun of it. I mean, people fast all over the world for tons of reasons, and it's an interesting experience to feel the slow build of hunger and the bile from my stomach becoming an obvious flavor to my unfilled mouth. I did eat though. Had pizza for dinner, and I'll probably go ahead and have that for leftovers tomorrow for at least one meal.

Day 271

Ate leftover Pizza today.

Day 272

Didn't have soylent for lunch today because of a going away party, but for dinner I had soylent and it was tasty.

Day 273

Soylent for lunch today, though also had some extra food because work fed us some steak and other really good stuff. Soylent for dinner as well.

Day 274

Soylent for lunch today, augmented with some lobster bisque as well. Then trivia food for dinner (tasty habanero burger).

Day 275

No soylent today, traveling today and for the weekend, so I'll likely not have any for a while. Instead, I ate a shepherd's pie omelet, homefries, and toast for breakfast, then had spaghetti bolognaisse for lunch. Then lastly, I had Wendy's for dinner.

Day 276

No soylent today, I reached my travel destination and so I had breakfast with my mother of sausage, fried egg, and toast with jam. Then I didn't bother eating lunch because I was tired and took a nap. For dinner though, I went out to an Applebee's with friends.

Day 277

No soylent today, I slept over a friend house so I didn't have breakfast, just some coffee in the morning while chatting with my friends. Lunch was an asian buffet which was tasty, they even had a sushi bar which was cool. Dinner was Taco bell with another friend and it was a good time.

Day 278

No soylent today, had to travel back home. So no breakfast, but then had some chili and chicken tacos for lunch. Then I went home and napped before going over to a friends house for pizza and cake to celebrate my birthday. Tomorrow I'll probably do a full day of soylent.

Day 279

Ended up eating leftover birthday cake for dinner, and birthday pizza for lunch, so no soylent today either.

Day 280

Soylent for lunch today, but ended up going out to eat for dinner because I had a hankering for steak.

Day 281

Soylent for lunch today, but it was a trivia day, so pub food for dinner.

Day 282

Soylent for lunch today, but then went out to the movies. I had more soylent for dinner.

Day 283

Only had dinner today, tried a new chicken place that opened up. It was extremely bland, and had no real flavor.

Day 284

Soylent for lunch today, then had some coupons for burger king so I checked to see if a friend wanted to go and ended up having some fast food for dinner.

Day 285

Soylent for lunch today, then had leftovers from the fast food yesterday for dinner.

Day 286

Soylent for lunch, though augmented with a little bit of noodles and things from work that I ate with my coworkers when they pressured me to take a break with them. Then it was the monthly trivia night, so I had a burger and a brownie for dinner.

Day 287

Soylent for lunch and dinner.

Day 288

Soylent for lunch, trivia at night so I had a pub burger for dinner

Day 299

Accidently didn't eat lunch today, then had wings and ribs for dinner.

Day 300

Leftover wings and ribs for breakfast. Then no lunch, and then for dinner I had half a bottle of soylent for dinner.

Day 301

Had kiwi and bananas for breakfast, then skipped lunch and had a pizza dinner out with some friends.

Day 302

Soylent for lunch, then had half a bottle of soylent and some pizza rolls for dinner.

Day 303

Soylent for lunch and even got to go for a walk at work which was nice, then dinner was some fast food because the other week I read about McDonald's newest shift. You see, they use fresh beef, but then they would freeze it for shipping; but apparently, as a bit of a test, they're now not freezing the quarter pounder beef so that it is still fresh. I went ahead and had one, and the texture is slightly different and the taste a little bit different from say, their mcDoubles. It was good. Though not very economical (as all the combo meals are), so I think I'll continue just ordering from the value menu next time I go.

Day 303

Soylent for lunch today, also had a lettuce wrap. Then had pizza rolls for dinner.

Day 304

Soylent for lunch, wings at trivia for dinner.

Day 305

Soylent for lunch today, then for dinner I ended up cooking for the first time in ages. Made some Ribeye-Ramen! It was good.

Day 306

No soylent today, just ate some nachos and then went to a friends place for a cookout where she had smoked a couple pork shoulders. It was good.

Day 307

No soylent today, nachos for lunch again, then had asome asian food for dinner along with some leftovers from the other day. Tomorrow will be back to the usual though.

Day 308

Soylent for lunch today, but I'm a bit under the weather so I had larger dinner of leftover rice, nachos, and a lunchable. Gotta keep up my strength!

Day 309

Soylent for lunch today, also had some chili as well. Gotta have extra food to get better faster! For dinner I had some spaghetti-O's with meatballs and then had some pizza rolls. Also drinking lots of juice with extra vitamin C.

Day 310

Soylent for breakfast today, then a breakfast sandwich, then a crepe filled with good breakfast food stuffs. Then a plane ride that made my ears hurt like crazy because I was congested. But then after I landed, on some suggestions from a twitter user, I got Lou Malnati's and tried some Chicago deep dish. Which was really tasty.

Day 311

No soylent today, breakfast was two bottles of OJ, one of apple juice, a muffin and a croissant. Then for lunch I had salad, potatoes, carrots, beats, white fish and pork. Dinner was a bacon burger at a local tavern and two glasses of tasty Hefeweizen.

Day 312

No soylent today, more convention and travel again. So I had a bagel with strawberry jam and cream cheese for breakfast. Then for lunch I had a hot dog, italian beef, salad, and a pickle. Also, I had a piece of cheesecake for desert after that. Nothing really for dinner though, until late after I got back from traveling and stopped for some fast food on the way home.

Day 313

No soylent today, met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while for lunch at a panera, then had pizza for dinner.

Day 314

No soylent again today. Had brunch with some friends and then had pizza for dinner. Tomorrow will be back to the soylent for lunch schedule though!

Day 315

Soylent for lunch today! Rest of my leftover pizza for dinner though. Also, I realized yesterday was my 314th day, so I should have had some Pie or something in honor of it. Shoot.

Day 316

Soylent for lunch and dinner today. Tasty. Though I did eat some pizza flavored goldfish snacks and some chocolate after dinner.

Day 317

No soylent for lunch today because it was a coworkers birthday so we had pizza. For dinner I had soylent, and then because I was a bit hungry still I had some dumplings.

Day 318

Soylent for lunch today, then it was a trivia night so I ate dinner out.

Day 319

Soylent for lunch and then was out to see a friend who I hadn't seen in a while, so I had some good asian food for dinner.

Day 320

Soylent for lunch, but then had fast food for dinner because a friend of mine wanted to try the mozzarrella chicken sandwich. Which was tasty (I tried it too)

Day 321

Soylent for lunch, then had a leftover JBC from yesterday for dinner.

Day 321

Soylent for lunch, then had some panera for dinner after I went for a run.

Day 322

Soylent for lunch, then had dinner at a pub because I played trivia.

Day 323

Soylent for lunch and dinner today!

Day 324

Soylent for lunch, then went to Burger King to try their new fruit loops shake and steakhouse king burger. It was pretty good, the shake was great, the burger could have used more A1 sauce since it only had it on one side it seemed.

Day 325

Half of my usual soylent for lunch (so only 200 calories I guess) because I was in meetings all day and lost track of time. Then I had a couple slices of leftover pizza for dinner and then chips and salsa with friends.

Day 326

Had a bagel for breakfast/lunch because I was out and about doing errands. Then went to a Kentucky Derby party and had some pulled pork, then finished off the night with a chicken wing dinner. So no soylent today. Can you believe that in a little under a month or so I will have been drinking mostly soylent for a whole year?

Day 327

Had some hot chocolate for breakfast, but then didn't have anything to eat until later around 5 when I had some shepherds pie at an Irish pub before going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Day 328

Soylent for both lunch and dinner. Though I supplemented my lunch with half a sandwich and some soup in order to make up for only getting half of it since I was drinking my leftover soylent from Friday.

Day 329

Soylent for lunch today, then had a southwest chicken sandwich at a pub for dinner.

Day 330

Soylent for lunch today, and for dinner.

Day 331

Soylent for lunch and dinner today. With a nice glass of plum wine to go along with dinner.

Day 332

No soylent today, treated a friend to breakfast at a new restaurant in town in exchange for a ride to the air port. Then had five guys for lunch, and then some barbeque ribs for dinner.

Day 333

No soylent today. Brunch today was neat though, I tried out deep fried french toast. Which was an experience. Then my friends and I did some grilling and had burgers and potato salad.

Day 334

No soylent today. Breakfast was a really good Vera Cruz omelette though, and then dinner was some sliders and fries with curry ketchup while doing some pub trivia.

Day 335

No soylent today. Tried out a noodle shop in town before making my way to the airport. Then had a dinner of some crab soup and a burger and fries. The burger and fries sucked though, bland dry and mostly tasteless. Protip: In Washington Reagon Airport, don't bother with the American Tap Room and just go around the corner to five guys instead. I suppose tomorrow I'll be back to having soylent for lunch at least, and maybe for dinner as well. The slew of days of no soylent were just because I was traveling really.

Day 336

Soylent for lunch and for dinner today.

Day 337

Soylent for lunch, but made a pie with a friend and had a slice of that along with some five guys.

Day 338

Soylent for lunch, but ordered pizza for dinner.

Day 339

Ate pizza leftovers for breakfast and then had some crepes for lunch. Then traveled for a bit and then had seafood for dinner.

Day 340

No soylent today because I'm traveling, again, so I had some cheerios for breakfast (wild berry!) and then had various forms of fast food and applebees for the rest of my meals.

Day 341

No soylent today because traveling again. Applebees for lunch, then a wing place for dinner.

Day 342

Soylent for lunch today and then finished off the last of my leftover pizza for dinner.

Day 343

Soylent for lunch and panera for dinner.

Day 344

Soylent for lunch and then had five guys for dinner.

Day 345

Soylent for lunch today, then had a sip of soylent before going off for a walk to the bookstore to look for the second book in a trilogy I'm reading. No dice, but since I was out I went ahead and grabbed some chinese food on the way back home and had that for dinner. And tomorrow I have plans with people for dinner, so I've been really bad about not eating out this week, yeesh. I'll have to make it up to myself over the weekend by going on an all soylent diet for the weekend.

Day 346

Soylent for lunch, then went to a food truck gathering thing with friends for dinner.

Day 347

Had the last of my pizza rolls for lunch, then was planning on having soylent for dinner but then some of my friends wanted to go get pizza at this place that has amazing pizza so I couldn't turn it down.`

Day 348

No soylent again today, but had leftover pizza from yesterday for lunch and then went to a cookout put on by the local young adult group. It was good and tasty and I played volleyballs.

Day 349

No soylent today because I made a tasty stir fry and ate chips sometime between lunch and dinner.

Day 350

Soylent for lunch today, but then it was rainy and cold so I had some broccolli cheddar soup for dinner rather than cool soylent.

Day 351

Planned to have soylent today, but then turns out work was treating for lunch so that didn't happen. Had the last leftovers of my stir fry for dinner today.

Day 352

Again, work had lunch so I didn't have my soylent. And then my friend sent me a recipe the other day for Dorito Burgers, so I made those for dinner tonight (they're really good) so no soylent today either.

Day 353

Soylent for lunch today, then had half of a leftover dorito burger and some pierogis for dinner.

Day 354

No soylent today, finished my last dorito burger for lunch and ate some other leftovers throughout the day.

Day 355

No soylent again. It seems recently I haven't been having soylent like I should on weekends. I wonder if it's because I traveled a good amount recently and it threw off the habit? Hm. Anyway, today I had some eggs mixed with tomato, onion, lettuce, and cheese for lunch and then a microwave burrito for an early dinner. Not the greatest of meals on a Sunday, but oh well.

Day 356

Soylent for lunch today, but then was out buying new running shoes and grabbed five guys on the way home. Hm hm hm hot sauce burger.

Day 357

Soylent for lunch today. Then it was a trivia day, so I had a burger and fries at the pub.

Day 358

Soylent for lunch today, then had panera for dinner since I was out and about getting a new book.

Day 359

Soylent for lunch and dinner today, then had some snacks and gatorade while I helped tutor a friend.

Day 360

Soylent for lunch today, but then had a cheese-stick wrapped in some really good roast beef, wrapped in a tortilla for dinner. And some chips. Kind of a funny thing, but the other day I ended up reading the wikipedia article on fasting. According to St. Augustine's Prayer Book, fasting means not more than a light breakfast, one full meal and one half meal. Which is kind of funny if you look through my log and realize that I don't eat breakfast most of the time. So there's one requirement. My lunch is a bottle of soylent, which is 400 calories, which I'd call a light or half meal I suppose. And then I either have another one of those for dinner, or I have an actual meal. So in a weird way I've been fasting for 360 days without meaning to.

Day 361

No soylent today. I've got this tasty roast beef in my house, and so I keep making tortilla wraps with it and some cheese sticks I got. Don't want to let that beef go to waste! Plus, I wanted some meaty food because I went to the gym today for the first time and met with a trainer to start looking into a workout plan. And I was sweating after an hour or so with him, so, I wanted some solid food rather than soylent.

Day 362

No soylent today, had some MnM's though, and some more roast beef wraps. Which was very tasty. Then for dinner my housemates and I had a movie night with some chicken parmesian. Which was wicked good.

Day 363

Soylent for breakfast today, that's right I actually had breakfast today because I went to the gym and figure'd I needed some protein after going. Then Soylent for lunch as well, and then for dinner I had my last roast beef and cheese tortilla wrap thing. It's surprising it's almost been a year. Just a couple more days. I'll have to be sure to commemerate the date by having all soylent that day!

Day 364

Soylent for lunch today, then had some leftover chicken parmesian for dinner. There's still leftovers so I might end up having it tomorrow too.

Day 365

One year today! Today was another gym day so I had soylent for breakfast. Then I took the bus into work so I stopped off at a Starbucks before hopping on and had a breakfast sandwich and a drink. Then for lunch I had soylent. For dinner, I had some more leftover noodles with sauce and cheese. So, not a full day of Soylent like I had planned to the other day, but getting rid of leftovers is important!

Anyway, a year ago when I somewhat randomly decided to change my diet entirely from eating whatever I felt like cooking or eating at a restaurant I didn't do it to diet, lose weight, or improve my brain. The things that some people claim Soylent do, such as improve focus and all that, are not something I really feel I experienced. I think the one thing that I did notice before was that my sense of taste changed a bit. I have to imagine though, that if I were to change my entire diet to bread and water, then eat a piece of candy two weeks later, it too would be a brilliant flash across my tongue in much the same way that a fatty crisp piece of bacon is after a few days of only drinking Soylent.

It's interesting to look back at my first posts and impressions and look for what's still true and what has changed. My small glass bottle is a good enough portion size that it fits a single soylent drink in it. And that is enough food to fill you up for a meal without problem. On the days where I only drink Soylent I have no problems with hunger, even though I don't eat breakfast. So I guess, for an office worker who sits around most of the day, it's enough. With my recent goings to the gym, a breakfast of Soylent and then the usual amount of things is also enough to make sure I'm not hungry. I'm no nutritionist, but I have to imagine that since I'm not falling apart at the seems, being tired, or particularly irritable, that I must be getting what I need.

I still haven't tried the v1.8 powder because ever since that issue they had with 1.7 and the move to the pre-mixed drink I haven't gone back. So if you're reading this for clues about how the powdered version is right now, I don't have anything to offer you sorry.

I'm reading through my log and want to reply to some of my thoughts. At one point (Day 16) I wondered if ones stomach size would be negatively affected in size by only consuming a liquid drink. In my experience the answer is no. If anything I'm able to eat more now than I used to. I didn't start Soylent to lose weight or diet or anything, and I actually gained weight while drinking it which is interesting to me. Also, when I travel and switch back to "real" food for 3-4 days at a time I don't have any discomfort or any problems. So I think that my stomach size and ability has been unaffected by my diet changing to mostly liquid.

I've definitely been enjoying the benefits of Soylent this whole time. Not spending time to cook or clean up gives me a lot of time on my hands to do things with. And when I'm actually doing something productive (like studying a language) I feel pretty good about it. So if you're pressed for time and always on the go, I'd think that Soylent would be a good match for you even if you do it just a few meals a day. I mean, really, for me it's lunch that has been consistently Soylent most of the time. And I actually enjoy the taste. The drink tastes like milk that's been with a bowl of cereal if I had to give the mild taste a description. And so it's not really gross or anything, and it's not "future slop" as one might think if you were to compare it to the stuff in the first matrix movie.

On Day 57 I mentioned missing my Soylent when I didn't have it. And I still do have that feeling if I miss it for lunch or something. So I think that my body has gotten used to enjoying the nutrition and protein and whatnot from the drink. (Not that it complains if I eat normal food for a few days). But it's definitely like... almost like a comfort food in a way? Like, drinking it is satisfying. Which is interesting because it's not a savory or sweet thing that one might normally take pleasure in. I do enjoy cooking still, but the convenience of having 0 clean up and - preparation besides putting some bottles in the fridge is really really great.

On Day 270 was one of the first times I really noted that I barely at anything at all. And then I brought up fasting, which I noted again a little while ago after realizing I've basically been fasting off and on for the entire year without meaning to. I wonder if any of those alledged health benefits from Soylent are actually from fasting? I have a vague recollection of reading that some fasting is actually good for you. Anyway. I'm just rambling all now and I'm not sure what else to say. Except maybe a final recommendation to people thinking about trying Soylent out.

It is

It is not

I know that the guy who made it had aspirations to turn Soylent into something to give to third world countries that have food shortages; but the powder isn't going to do that if said country has no clean water. The liquid drink might though. I don't know what his activist tendencies are up to or getting at now-a-days. But I hope that people are benefitting from his attempts to better the world one way or another. I know that I am.

Now I have to decide if I'll keep this log going or not.

Day 366

Work supplied lunch today, o Soylent for dinner only.

Day 367

Soylent for lunch today, then had mexican for dinner. Which is the first time in a little over a week I've been out to eat at a sitdown restaurant. Oh, and I had Soylent for breakfast since today was a workout day as well.

Day 368

Had burger king for breakfast today because I was out running errands and there was one nearby. Then had five guys for dinner. Not the healthiest day in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but I do quite like hot sauce on my burgers.

Day 369

Accidently forgot to eat most of the day. Had Strawberry Sage Kombucha around 10-ish and drank that until like... 3:30 ish? I was driving basically the whole day, so I wasn't really hungry or anything until I got back home around 8. And then I ordered dominoes to get some pasta because I figure pasta will be a good supply of energy during tomorrows gym visit.

Day 370

Soylent for breakfast after my gym visit. Then had soylent for lunch during my routine walk. Then finished off my day with a tasty tasty bottle of soylent! A full day of! Well, if you exclude the fact that I had a brownie my friend gave me as a snack.

Day 371

Soylent for lunch and then had dominoes for dinner since they messed up my order and gave me credit the other day.

Day 372

Soylent for breakfast after my gym visit, and a breakfast sandwich from starbucks for when I was riding the bus. Then had Soylent for lunch and dinner. Though I was tutoring my friend and she brought over a 10 piece nugget from McDonalds for me. so I had that too.

Day 373

Soylent for lunch, had a breakfast sandwich again for breakfast, and then had more soylent for dinner.

Day 374

Soylent for lunch and for dinner. Had soylent and a sandwich for breakfast after visiting the gym.

Day 375

Didn't eat until around 3pm today on account of waking up at 12 then doing yard work for a couple hours. Then had Panera for lunch, and then had some nachos and a slice of pizza for dinner.

Day 376

Didn't bother with breakfast today, wasn't hungry until a little past lunch so I got chinese food and had half of it for lunch, and the other half for dinner.

Day 377

Soylent for breakfast and lunch today. Then had a burger for dinner because I don't have much soylent left and need to conserve it for lunches until my new shipment arrives.

Day 378

Soylent for lunch today and it was my last bottle. Also had a breakfast sandwich for breakfast (fancy that) and tacos for dinner.

Day 379

No soylent today, so I had a breakfast sandwich for breakfast after a gym visit, then had a sandwich and chili for lunch. Followed by steak, mexican street corn, and fries for dinner.

Day 380

Got a whole crap ton of soylent in the mail because I accidently double ordered. But hey, now I don't have to worry for a while! Soylent for lunch and then celebrated an early weekend start with some wings!

Day 381

Travel day today! So just had some soylent for breakfast, then had tacos for lunch and finally taco bell for dinner when I arrived at my destination.

Day 382

Pizza hut for lunch today, then ended up eating mostly snacks during the day, but then had some japanese food for dinner.

Day 383

Took my mother out for lunch today at a new restaurant that had opened up, then met up with some friends and had ice cream and went to a lake. It was rather pleasant, then we had some chilis for dinner later on when meeting up with some other friends.

Day 384

Went to a surprise party for a friend today at a sushi place and had sushi. Which was very tasty. Then had chips and soda and stuff like that while hanging out with people.

Day 385

Traveling again today, so I had Taco Bell (hm double chalupa!) for lunch after having some toast and an egg for breakfast. For dinner I had a couple of hot dogs in honor of the fourth of July. Tomorrow I'll be getting back to a soylent diet.

Day 386

Soylent for breakfast after a gym session, then soylent for lunch. For dinner I ate some leftovers I brought back from traveling.

Day 387

Soylent for lunch and then had a work party dinner, so dinner was random tasty things and some pasta and pork.

Day 388

Soylent for lunch today, then had a bratwurst on a roll for dinner to finish off the leftovers from my trip.

Day 389

No soylent today, I have family visiting so when they arrived we went out to eat and I had a burger and then later on some pepsi while watching the new spider man movie.

Day 390

No soylent again today. Had crepes for breakfast and then had some japanese food for lunch. Dinner was wings. Having guests over is fun like that.

Day 391

Soylent for breakfast and lunch today. But then met up with a friend for pizza for dinner.

Day 392

Soylent for lunch today, augmented with a bit of duck and sweet potato. Then had a few leftover slices of pizza for dinner.

Day 393

No soylent today for lunch because work provided lunch. Then for dinner I went out with friends to a pizza place. Though I got a sandwich there.

Day 394

Soylent just for dinner today because work provided lunch again. Augmented dinner with a 10 piece mcNugget that my friend gave me as payment for tutoring her.

Day 395

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner as well which was nice. Been too long since I had a relaxing evening to myself.

Day 396

No soylent today since my friends came up and visited so we had somoza's for breakfast and then ramen for lunch. Then for dinner had wings. So much food.

Day 397

No soylent today either. Had breakfast at a diner with my visiting friends before they left. Then spent the day painting and working on a project. Got some chow mein at the end of it, as well as some freshly slaughtered and barbequed chicken.

Day 398

Soylent for lunch today and a donut for breakfast. Then later for dinner I had five guys since I was out at the local mall to get a haircut.

Day 399

Soylent for dinner today. Not for lunch though because I forgot it today, so instead I had split pea and ham soup with half a sandwich. For breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich from starbucks.

Day 400

Soylent for lunch today, and then for dinner I had five guys because apparently it was national hot dog day so I felt like celebrating with some.

Day 401

Soylent for lunch today, but then got picked up by a friend while I was on my walk and went to the store. So then I had a few chicken wings and some asparagus as well. Later on, I ate the rest of the chicken wings for dinner and ate some vegi-sticks for dinner.

Day 402

Was going to have soylent today, but then work supplied a lunch in order for us to share a meal with a contractor and build up that good ol' team spirit. Then I went out with friends to a truck stop gathering and had street food for dinner. Followed by an outing on the town. So no Soylent today, but I had some fun.

Day 403

Wanted to try the new bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza from Papa John's, so I got one of those and the chicken poppers. The chicken poppers were so-so, but the pizza was pretty good. No idea what is in the burger sauce, but it's tasty. No soylent today since I got a large and so I just had that to eat all day and have leftovers for tomorrow.

Day 404

Finishing off the leftovers of my pizza today as well as eating some candy when I went to go see Valerian.

Day 405

Full day of soylent today. Breakfast was soylent after the gym, lunch was soylent and unfortunately staying inside since it was raining so no lunch walk. Then dinner was, surprise, soylent!

Day 406

Soylent for lunch today, as well as some blueberry french toast cobbler from the kitchen at work. For dinner I went to five guys since I had a hankering for another one of their bacon cheese dogs. So good!

Day 407

Soylent for lunch and dinner today.

Day 408

Soylent for lunch and then had five guys for dinner so that I could have a tasty bacon oreo milkshake.

Day 409

Soylent for lunch (a really late lunch actually) then had a burger and brussel sprouts for dinner. Then it was a birthday outing for a friend so I had drinks and then some midnight pizza.

Day 410

Had panera for lunch then some hot dogs and chips for dinner since I was out at a birthday party.

Day 411

Had a breakfast casserolle for breakfast after sleeping over at the party. Then had some sashimi and rice for dinner.

Day 412

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner had a hot dog and chips with dip to end off a good July.

Day 413

Soylent for a rather late lunch around 3. Then I was going to have soylent for dinner. But I forgot that I had made plans to do a monthly trivia thing. We won, so that was fun, and I had a burger with pork belly and bacon on it for dinner.

Day 414

Soylent for lunch, then had soylent for dinner and finished my chips and dip.

Day 415

Soylent for a late lunch, then for dinner I had wendys. Tried the new queso bacon burger, delicious.

Day 416

Soylent for lunch. Then for dinner I had a leftover wendy's JBC and some chips.

Day 417

Finished off some candy today, then for dinner had Panera. I didn't really do much for food since I played games all day and didn't do much energy expenditure. Oh and I had somoza's for breakfast!

Day 418

Didn't bother eating this morning since I wasn't all that hungry. But then later on I had an appetizer combo planner for dinner that was tasty.

Day 419

No breakfast today even though I went to the gym, then had Soylent for lunch and had some pizza for dinner.

Day 420

A breakfast sandwich for breakfast, then soylent for lunch, and lastly some five guys for dinner because I was hanging out with my friend and she wanted five guys.

Day 421

Breakfast sandwich, soylent, then had some dumplings and my last slice of pizza for dinner.

Day 422

Soylent for lunch today, also went to the store and grabbed some jalapeno poppers and some chicken wings. Which I saved some of for dinner later on, then my friend showed up for tutoring and brought me a happy meal!

Day 423

Soylent for lunch then for dinner I got some pizza since I had a coupon for a free one.

Day 424

Leftover pizza for breakfast/brunch, then had a bag of sweedish fish. Yup. That was my super healthy meal that lasted me through the day.

Day 425

Today was another day of unhealthiness. Bagel bites and a hot pocket!

Day 426

Breakfast sandwich today, but then kinda forgot to eat lunch. It worked out though, later on I had nachos.

Day 427

Soylent for lunch then had leftover nachos for dinner.

Day 428

Soylent for lunch, for dinner had bagel bites for dinner.

Day 429

Soylent for lunch, then some more cheetohs for dinner. and a hot pocket. surely the dinner of champions.

Day 430

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had my other hot pocket.

Day 430

Soylent for dinner today, and had five guys for lunch.

Day 431

Had Hiyashi Chuka for lunch today (chilled ramen) and then for dinner I had a lot of snacks like watermelon and cherries and stuff like that over at a house-warming party. So I didn't actually really end up eating a real dinner.

Day 432

Soylent for lunch today, then for dinner I ordered in some wings.

Day 433

Soylent for lunch today and then for dinner I had the rest of my leftover wings and some chips with dip. Then afterward I celebrated my friends birthday with a few drinks.

Day 434

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had a burger with some friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Day 435

Soylent for lunch, then a company party provided dinner of cheese steaks and perch poboys. Very tasty.

Day 436

Had chinese food for lunch, and then for dinner I had some mac n cheese that came with pulled pork on top of it.

Day 437

Ordered pizza for lunch and dinner while I lazed about. Had a samosa for breakfast.

Day 438

Didn't have breakfast, but had a BBQ grill out for the rest of the day, so lunch was a mix of burger, hot dog, bacon, chips and other backyard food.

Day 439

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I finished off my leftover pizza from a few days ago.

Day 440

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had a hot dog and some bacon that was leftover from the bbq.

Day 441

Soylent for lunch. Then for dinner I met up with some friends I hadn't seen in a few months and had ramen.

Day 442

Went out with the work team for lunch. Then I had a dinner of bacon, chips and hot dog to finish off the leftovers from the BBQ.

Day 443

Traveling today, so had a breakfast sandwich for lunch, treated my mother to lunch at a pizza place. Then for dinner had taco bell.

Day 444

Had seafood for brunch today, then Wendys for a late lunch.

Day 445

Had chinese food for lunch and then had pizza for dinner.

day 446

Had an omellete for breakfast then for dinner had italian.

Day 447

Bagel for breakfast, then soylent for lunchm, then it was trivia so a Briskett BLT for dinner.

Day 448

Nothing for breakfast because I was fasting for a wellness screening, then for lunch I had soylent and for dinner I had an apple and leftovers from that omellette the other day.

Day 449

Toast for breakfast. Then soylent for lunch, and lastly five guys for dinner.

Day 450

Half a soylent for breakfast, then a full soylent for lunch as well as an ok sized piece of steak, then for dinner I had a west-coast wrap, aka, chicken fingers and avocado in a tortilla.

Day 451

Had a bit of soylent for breakfast (the other half from yesterday), then had pizza for lunch/dinner.

Day 452

Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Got to eat those leftovers.

Day 453

Breakfast sandwich for breakfast after a fun workout involving a ton of planks, then for lunch Soylent, and for dinner panera. I was out buying envelopes so I figured I'd grab some broccoli cheddar soup.

Day 454

Soylent for lunch today, then ordered ribs and chicken for dinner because I want the protein and I'm sore from all those planks

Day 455

Soylent for lunch after a breakfast sandwich for breakfast (redundant) and then had some leftover ribs and chicken for dinner.

Day 456

Bagel for breakfast and for lunch, then for dinner I finally finished off those leftovers.

Day 457

Breakfast sandwich, soylent, then waited for a half hour in line to get some KFC since I hadn't had it in so long. Totally worth it.

Day 458

Had some nachos today for uh... mid-lunch and dinner and that was all.

Day 459

Had the rest of my nachos today and a burger and fries as well as an orea milk shake. Besides that I didn't need much else.

Day 460

Soylent for lunch, chinese food for dinner.

Day 461

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had five guys because I forgot to put a new pack of soylent into the fridge and didn't want to drink warm soylent.

Day 462

Lemon bar for breakfast, then soylent for dinner and lunch. Had some cheez-its after dinner for a snack while playing some games.

Day 463

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I was over a friends house for burgers and hot dogs and salad.

Day 464

Was going to have soylent for lunch, but then, unexpectedly, my boss took us out to pizza. Then at night time I went out to the movies so I had some candy for dinner. Not the greatest thing obviously, but hey.

Day 465

Had pulled pork pizza with pepperdew peppers for lunch, then for dinner I had salad, buffalo chicken dip with chips, breaksticks, a slice of pizza, and apple crisp at a friends game party.

Day 466

Ate the rest of my pizza for lunch, then had bbq for dinner at a place I had never been to before.

Day 467

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had more soylent! Breakfast sandwich for lunch though, so not a full day.

Day 468

Was going to have soylent for lunch today, but then there was some really good food at work so I had a big ol' plate of that instead. Then had soylent for dinner.

Day 469

Breakfast sandwich in the morning, then Soylent for lunch (the one I skipped yesterday I just left at work). Then for dinner I ordered pizza because I got a hankering for it two days ago and decided that if I still wanted it in a couple days I'd indulge.

Day 470

Skipped out on lunch today because I had a few french fries and didn't feel hungry. Then for dinner I had some leftover pizza

Day 471

Breakfast sandwich in the morning, soylent in the afternoon, then two tacos from a taco truck for dinner when I was out with friends for food.

Day 472

Last leftover slice of pizza for breakfast, then for lunch I had five guys which was a bit of a late lunch so I didn't bother eating dinner.

Day 473

For lunch today I got a buffalo chicken sandwich and some pizza which I used for dinner as well.

Day 474

Pizza slice for breakfast, soylent for lunch, then for dinner the rest of the leftover pizza.

Day 475

Breakfast sandwich for breakfast. Then a iece of chicken and a crepe for breakfast, then for dinner I had trivia food. A duck "bun cha" which is some korean thing with rice noodles and vegis. It was good.

Day 476

Soylent for lunch today, then for dinner I had taquitos! I went to the store with my friend the other day so I have real food in my house again, so I might be a little less on the soylent side for dinner this week.

Day 477

Breakfast sandwich, then for lunch I had some chicken soup, and for dinner I had some taquitos!

Day 478

For breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich and then some chicken thingy for lunch, then went out to eat for dinner when I went and saw Blade Runner.

Day 479

Had a microwaveable breakfast sandwich for brunch lunch, then for dinner I had pizza rolls!

Day 480

For brunch I had a muffin and chatted with some people, and then for dinner I had a five guys burger because the woman behind the counter misheard "bacon cheese dog" as "bacon cheese burger" somehow and I'm too lazy once I've left a counter to correct simple mistakes like that. Especially when I'm cool with it either way.

Day 481

For breakfast I had a microwaveable breakfast sandwich and then for lunch I had my soylent. For dinner I had spaghetti-O's.

Day 482

Nothing for breakfast, then for lunch I had soylent and for dinner I had chicken and dumplings, then some panera to top it off.

Day 483

Soylent for lunch today and for dinner I didn't have anything special, just more soylent.

Day 484

Soylent for lunch today, then quesadilla while playing trivia for dinner.

Day 485

Was going to have soylent for lunch today, but ended up splitting a pizza with my boss. Breakfast sandwich for breakfast, and then for dinner I had pizaa rolls.

Day 486

Pretty lazy day today, had chicken and a burger wrap for dinner and didn't really eat much else since I didn't do too much.

Day 487

Another lazy day, had a few pieces of leftover chicken for lunch then had cookies all day then for dinner when I was hungry again I got to have mcdonalds for the first time in forever. Tried their new BBQ signature burger, it was ok but I'll stick to their usual value menu instead, it's more worth it.

Day 488

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I went out for pizza and beer with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Day 489

Pasta and meatsauce for lunch today, then for dinner five guys.

Day 490

Pizza for lunch today, then for dinner I had spaghetti-Os

Day 491

Soylent for lunch today, then for dinner I had a cobb salad while I played trivia.

Day 492

Had MnM's for breakfast (I'm so healthy) then traveled all day. Had a mexican lunch and then for dinner I had Wendys.

Day 493

Had a couple eggos for breakfast/lunch, then a panini for dinner. Then Wendys again for a late night snack.

Day 494

Eggs and bacon for breakfast, then a good burger for lunch/dinner.

Day 495

Some trail mix and an apple for breakfast, then for lunch I had Wendys and for dinner a fried rice bowl.

Day 496

Omellette this morning for breakfast, than didn't really have lunch though I had a piece of bread. Then for dinner I had the last of my pizza rolls.

Day 497

Soylent for lunch today then for dinner I had some chinese food.

Day 498

Soylent for lunch today then for dinner I had a couple handfuls of trail mix and some leftover toast.

Day 499

Breakfast sandwich for brunch, then a big lasagna-ish noodle with cheese on it for a late lunch. Then for dinner I had pizza and chips because I threw a halloween party.

Day 500

Didn't really eat much besides leftover chips and pizza garlic bread and just laid around the house all day.

Day 501

Had some tomato's from the garden for breakfast and then for dinner I had some chinese food while I did some repairs on my costume.

Day 502

Soylent for lunch and for dinner I had panera. It was rainy so it was a really good soup day.

Day 503

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I had some cheese and cauliflower (sp?), which was pretty light.

Day 504

Soylent for a late lunch and then for dinner I had ramen with some friends.

Day 505

Had soylent for lunch and then had some wings and chowder for dinner while playing trivia.

Day 506

Didn't really eat much today at all, but I had a dinner of dominoes.

Day 507

Ate the rest of my leftover dominoes today, and had some candy while out watching the new Thor movie.

Day 508

split pea soup for lunch, then had sashimi and some tamago sushi for dinner. So good!

Day 509

Soylent for lunch today and then for dinner, five guys because I had to go out to buy shampoo anyway.

Day 510

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I had a really good mac n cheese with pulled pork, carrots, and an apple chutney thing. Super tasty.

Day 511

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I had a five guys burger because my friend was going out and I tagged along.

Day 512

Skipped the soylent for lunch today because work provided some food. Then for dinner I had a taco salad bowl in a shell which was good.

Day 513

Had some split pea soup for dinner. Ate some food at work for lunch.

Day 514

Had a coupon for pizza so I got that along with some garlic knots. It was good, so I had that for lunch and dinner.

Day 515

Ate leftover pizza for breakfast/lunch and then for dinner I was out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and I got some mozzarella sticks and a spicy chicken sandwich.

Day 516

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had Soylent.

Day 517

Soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had chinese food. Dumplings and a vegi-delight with white rice. Very tasty.

Day 518

Trivia tonight, soylent for lunch and then some pub food for dinner.

Day 519

Had diner food in the morning to treat the friend bringing me to the airport. For lunch I had Sashimi and a bento in the airport, then for dinner I had Ruby Tuesdays, a good steak. I am now on vacation, so no soylent for the next week or so.

Day 520

Saw justice league today! Then had Sashimi at an asian place which was tasty for lunch/dinner ish.

Day 521

Celebrated thanksgiving today (a few days before the actual event for logistical reasons) and had cheesecake, turkey, ham, and all sorts of goodies.

Day 522

Had "Taco Mac" today which was pretty good. Then for dinner I had some chicken thing my sister made.

Day 523

Had ramen for lunch with a friend and then for dinner had some fast food.

Day 524

Had Ihop for breakfast, then for dinner later on I had pub food at an O'Charlies and that was good.

Day 525

Had pulled chicken, asparagus, and salad today all day while watching the hobbit trilogy.

Day 526

Had longhorn for lunch today, then for dinner had chicken burgers.

Day 527

Had a hot pocket for breakfast, then for dinner had taco bell and got to try the rolled chicken tacos. Which are basically just taquitoes. But since I love those, this was good.

Day 528

Breakfast sandwich for breakfast, then for lunch had wings and chicken tenders + fries. Then for dinner I had a "Detroit" style sandwich in the airport.

Day 529

Soylent for a late lunch, and some chocolate and leftover airplane biscuits for breakfast. For dinner I had pizza.

Day 530

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I ate out with a friend and had a carne bowl from a mexican place.

Day 531

Had a quesadilla at work for lunch, saving my soylent for tomorrow and then for dinner I had leftover pizza.

Day 532

Had soylent for lunch, then for dinner I had a burger and mozzerella sticks.

Day 533

Soylent for dinner tonight and for lunch.

Day 534

Ordered some pizza for lunch and dinner. Delicious.

Day 535

Had breakfast at a crepe place with a friend and then had Sashimi for dinner.

Day 536

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I had leftover pizza.

Day 537

Soylent for lunch as well as minestrome soup. Then for dinner I had five guys. Fun fact, A1 Sauce + Jalapeno's = mouth on fire. The combination of them really hurt.

Day 538

Soylent for lunch then for dinner I had ramen.

Day 539

Soylent for lunch then for dinner I had more soylent!

Day 540

Trieds eggs benedict for breakfest for the first time. It was... uh, not great, I don't really care for the sauce. For lunch/dinner I had some brisket after traveling in a plane for the day.

Day 541

For lunch I had asian food with some friends, donburi! And then for dinner I had a bunch of vegan cookies I baked with my friend.

Day 542

For lunch I had Buffalo Wild Wings and then for dinner I had some pizza. I'm still traveling so, no soylent for me.

Day 543

Breakfast had eggs on toast, then I had mediterrean food for lunch with my vegan friend. Then after a long plane ride home I had some soylent for dinner.

Day 544

Soylent for lunch, and also for dinner.

Day 545

Soylent for lunch, and then for dinner I had brocolli cheddar soup from Panera with a half sandwich.

Day 546

Soylent for lunch. Then had a holiday party after work to go to, so went there and had sushi, mini cheeseburgers, scallops, all sorts of tiny little finger foods for dinner.

Day 547

Breakfast sandwich for breakfast, then for lunch had soylent and then for dinner I got asian food which was good. Sashimi is the best.

Day 548

For breakfast I had some tea, and then for lunch I ate pizza rolls. Then for dinner I was over at another holiday party so I had shrimp, cookies, and random little things.

Day 549

For breakfast/brunch I had a crepe with chicken and gravy that was really good. Then for dinner I had Panera before going and seeing the awful that was the new star wars movie.

Day 550

Soylent for lunch and for dinner I had soylent again.

Day 551

Soylent for lunch, augmented with a slice of pizza a coworker didn't want. Then for dinner I had two packages of ramen.

Day 552

Soylent for lunch as well as some chicken cordon bleu balls from the local market, cheese sticks, and a couple of wings. Then for dinner I had sweet and sour chicken.

Day 553

Ate pizza rolls for breakfast, then for lunch I had a steak at the 99 that tasted more like a hamburger, then for dinner I had wings with friends at a pub.

Day 554

I'm home now for the holiday, well, been home for one full day so far. For breakfast today I had waffles with syrup that my boss gave me, and then for lunch I had bratwurst and potatoes which was great. Then for dinner I had a steak and vegi's at a texas roadhouse.

Day 555

Palendrome day! Yay! Today I had some Cheerios and then taco bell for lunch. Then for dinner I had wings and breadsticks from little ceasers.

Day 556

Took my parents out for lunch to a japanese place today and I had tempura. Then for dinner I had pork and corn and stuff at my brothers for Christmas Eve family time meal.

Day 557

Had schniztel today for my main meal. Then for dinner I had a ham sandwich over a friends house.

Day 558

Hung out with a good friend today, had some waffles for breakfast and then for dinner later on I had some teriyaki from a place in the mall we hung out in.

Day 559

Went shopping today with my friend Panda. I had spaghetti before hand and then had some Chic filet later on. Then for dinner while hanging out with two other friends I had pizza hut. Good old stuffed crust!

Day 560

Had some popcorn while taking my parents out to a movie, then for lunch I had a sub and some fries. Then for dinner I had wings.

Day 561

Today I had some cheerios for breakfast, then a small buffalo chicken pizza for lunch. Then for dinner I had some taco bell with a friend.

Day 562

Taco bell for lunch, then a drive back home and followed up by ramen for dinner.

Day 563

Eggs for breakfast, though it was a little late so it somewhat counted as lunch as well. Then we had pizza for dinner which was nice and then rang in the new year.

Day 564

Happy new year! For breakfast leftover pizza, and then I sort of forgot to eat the rest of the day besides a box of junior mints. Oops.

Day 565

Soylent for lunch, first of the year. Then for dinner I had a leftover slice of pizza and some saltines.

Day 566

Soylent for lunch and then for dinner I had five guys since I was wanting some burger.

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